20 Gay Romance Books to Choose from – Huge MM Romance Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Yess, it’s happening again this year! The huge MM Romance Valentine’s Giveaway organized by the amazing Isobel Starling is here! This time around you get twenty gay romance books to choose from, either Instafreebie exclusives, or published books that you will only get for free on Instafreebie. So hurry up and download all the books you find appealing by February 14th.

To visit the giveaway page, head over to Isobel Starling’s blog and check out the twenty available titles.

These twenty new short stories have word counts ranging from 5k to 23k. And the wonderful authors providing them are: Isobel Starling, Jackie Keswick, Chris Mc Hart, A.M Arthur, Liv Rancourt and Irene Preston, Helena Stone, Dale Cameron Lowry, Alina Popescu, Bronwyn Heeley, Teodora Kostova, Frank W. Butterfield, April Kelley, Tanya Chris, Kate Pavelle, Sue Brown, C.L Mustafic, B L Morticia, Lillian Francis. J.Scott Coatsworth, and Leona Windwalker.

Now, on to my Valentine’s Day freebie!

Be My Anti-Valentine, a gay romance short story

Valentine’s Day is the worst, more so for the chronically single.

Brad has transformed avoiding the fluffy, heart-shaped holiday into an art. This year, he’s going to spend the weekend with his brother. They’ll be playing video games, drinking beer, and eating junk food.

Too bad Brad’s brother made up with his girlfriend and took off to Cancun for a romantic weekend… And he never bothered to tell Brad about it.

Brad finds himself without his partner in crime, trapped in the suburbs, and with a grumpy roommate: his brother’s friend, Jim, who Brad’s been crushing on for years. But gaming and junk food are a powerful lure and Jim might just make Brad’s Valentine’s weekend bearable.

Download your free copy here.

Be My Anti-Valentine

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and Happy Reading to you all! Just make sure you get your treats by end-of-day, February 14th.

What happens to Be My Anti-Valentine after Valentine’s Day?

Good question! After this giveaway, Be My Anti-Valentine will be available on Amazon. It will be priced at 99 cents and free with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. I will also make sure to set up a few free promo days in case you’ve missed your chance.

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