Author Toolkit: Top YouTube Channels for Authors to Watch

While most people think of fun and entertainment when they think of YouTube, education and learning are the main reasons I visit it so often. As you know from previous articles on the blog there are several creators I follow for research purposes, to get a better idea of the world I am describing, or to get my inspiration for certain stories. Today, however, were are not talking research or inspiration. Today, I have some top YouTube channels for authors for you to add to your toolkit and watch. These are channels run by authors, indie or traditionally published, and they cover everything from the craft of writing and the challenges of publishing, to book marketing and sales.

I’ve been watching these channels for a while now (some longer than others), and to say I’ve binge watched a couple of them is a bit of an understatement. I have often linked to their videos or shared content on social media, but I thought creating this author toolkit post where you can find all of my favorites would be a better way to express why I like these YouTubers, and why you should subscribe to their channels.

4 Top YouTube Channels for Authors

If you’re wondering how I chose these channels, it’s mostly based on what I like and find useful. Some of them have more subscribers than others, but all of these authors have published books (I excluded channels by writers gearing up to publish their debut novel), and they give helpful advice. You might not agree with everything they say, but I find their tips actionable, interesting and inspiring. So, without further ado, here are the top YouTube channels for authors you should definitely be watching.

CreativINDIE with Derek Murphy

When it comes to indie publishing, I think Derek’s CreativINDIE channel is the best for book marketing and sales tips. If you’re interested in building an author platform to sell through, getting your books to rank high and stick to their rank on Amazon, and generally making money as a self-published author, his videos are a must watch. I’ve also enjoyed his videos on formatting books, book covers that sell, and SEO and keyword research. I’ve watched a good chunk of his videos (at least a few dozens, that is) and I plan on seeing them all. If you’re worried about running out of content, don’t. Derek has been releasing a few new videos every week.

Jenna Moreci

Cyborg writer Jenna Moreci is by far the funniest author on YouTube I’ve run across. Her advice is to the point, no BS, and hilarious. She also happens to be a rare success story – she switched to full time writing as a career right after her first book. While her plotting, writing, and marketing tips are all great, what I’ve found equally inspiring is her take on writing as a career. She advocates for clear goals and putting in the work every day, regardless of whether you feel like it (read “whether you are inspired” here). You might also remember her from my post on setting goals for your writing.

I have kind of binge watched all of Jenna’s videos after discovering her channel. It’s a bit addictive and I am finding it hard to adjust to waiting a whole week for a new video.

Kristen Martin

Author Kristen Martin is another of my favorite YouTubers who cover the craft of writing and self-publishing. She has a unique perspective as she mixes her writing career with a full time career in a different field. For those of us who are temporarily (or plan to permanently be) managing multiple careers, her videos can be quite inspiring and helpful. Her videos are a mix of advice and tips pieces and vlogs, a blend that helps you get a better picture of how she manages her busy life.

Ava Jae’s Bookish Pixie

Bookish Pixie by Ava Jae is the author YouTube channel I’ve been following for the longest time. Unlike all the other channels, she chose the traditional publishing route. You’ll find a lot of information about querying, getting an agent, and publishing traditionally on her channel, along with great writing and editing tips. While the tips on writing, critique partners, and the editing process are great for any type of author, if you are interested in going traditional and finding an agent or a publisher, you should definitely start with this channel.

I do know most of these authors are also bloggers (in Derek’s case he has multiple blogs that are all full of advice, templates, and ideas for authors), but I deliberately chose to focus on their YouTube platforms alone. Hope you’ve enjoyed my list of top YouTube channels for authors and you check them out when you have the time. If there are similar channels you love to watch, please share them in the comments, I want to add more authors to my subscription list!

An Announcement Before You Go

As some of you know, I have my own YouTube channel, but it has been on hiatus for the longest time. About two years, which means a lifetime in the YouTube dimension. If you are part of my author group on Facebook, then you know I’ve been thinking about going back to publishing videos. After a few months of pondering what to do with the channel, what to cover, where to film, when to publish, I have an announcement: the Alina Popescu, Writer channel will come back this month! Hope you’ll enjoy the content and that I am able to grow my video platform. I promise to be better about sticking to an upload schedule (for now, I aim for every Thursday). So, fingers crossed it all goes great 😀

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