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I have had a rocky ride with KDP Select. I tried it once, briefly, for The Edge of Hope, and wasn’t very impressed. After more research and careful consideration, I realized I hadn’t really used it to its potential, nor was I patient enough with it. So, in the spirit of properly experimenting before I make my decision, I’m going all in! Both books published so far in the Bad Blood trilogy are now enrolled in the KDP Select program.

What Does That Mean for You, the Reader?

The biggest perk for readers is that if they already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, they can read The Edge of Hope and The Breaking of Bonds for free. What’s more, when book three comes out in February, you will also be able to read The Fall of Darkness for free.

The biggest disadvantage is that you won’t be able to get the ebooks elsewhere. Paperbacks are still available form a variety of places, details here.

I Don’t Do Amazon and Kindle, I Don’t Do Print. What Now?

This right here was the reason why I resisted a full KDP Select immersion. Luckily for me, the brilliant Aleksandr Voinov had an idea that he let me (and others) steal. I have ebook copies in other formats, so if you prefer not to get involved with Amazon, all you have to do is make a small donation to a charity of your choosing that’s equivalent to the value of the book you want ($3 for TEOH and $4 for TBOB).

The types of charities you can choose from have to support any of these causes – LGBTQIA, women, children, refugee rights. Anything in the lines of Doctors Without Borders. Anything supporting education and/or empowerment in developing or underdeveloped countries. If the charity you support goes against any of the issues or rights listed below, choose another one. I just need to email me a donation receipt or some sort of proof and let me know what format you need.

How Long Will This Last?

I am not sure right now, but it will be at least one KDP Select c-ycle – which is three months. I am thinking to extend that to two, so half a year, just to test everything out. You can of course congratulate me on my choice or complain about how evil Amazon is. Hint – so is Google, I still use their services every day 😀

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