Bad Blood Series

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Bad Blood – A Vampire Urban Fantasy Series

Bad Blood is a gritty vampire urban fantasy series following Alexa, a human girl running away from a painful past of betrayal. In her attempt to discover herself and find new love, she gets dragged into the dark and dangerous world of vampires. Survival becomes her number one priority, yet friendships and buddying romances still emerge. The series currently has three books – two published, The Edge of Hope and The Breaking of Bonds, and one upcoming – The Fall of Darkness.

What Readers Think of Bad Blood

I love vampire stories, but I loved this one even more so. It brings innovation to the genre, and the plot has so many twist it will keep you guessing up to the very end. The characters are realistic and well developed, the vampires grittier than your every day kind.

I couldn’t put it down!!! It had me guessing what would happen the whole time.

To make it blunt: this was a horrifying look into that vampire world Bram Stoker ruined us for. That world of pain and suffering with vampires laughing in condescencion over puny humans.

This is a well written page turner with plot twist and turns all through the book and Alina is definitely an author to watch out for, as she can write in such a way that the words just flow and you are drawn in and do not want to put the book down.

This story has many levels with multiple twists and turns. It has an underlying excitement that won’t let you put it down. The characters are witty, fun, determined, very entertaining and well written.

Apart from being really fast-paced (which means there’s never a dull moment), the dialogues are quite savoury, it really made me chuckle and even laugh out loud at moments. The story has everything: romance, suspense, mystery, blood.

If you like a strong female lead, different vampires, a well-built world, action, and some romance you will like this series.

Alina doesn’t beat about the bush, and the reader dives straight in. Witty dialogues, well rounded characters, good pace.

And the downside?

Cruel cliffhanger. (Book 1)

Slow moving and at times awkward, but still very interesting.

I think it was mostly the heroine which didn’t resonate with me completely, but it was still an interesting enough story that I did read it to the very end. I won’t be continuing the series, though.