Blog Tour – Blind Redemption by Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen

Title: Blind Redemption
Authors: Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen
Length: Novel
Genre: Mystery, Detective, Paranormal Mystery, Lesbian, F/F, LGBT
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

A woman is missing, paths are misleading. Can Psychic Detective Jackie Vaughn see through the veil of lies to find her?


Kidnapped and sold into the Chinese slave trade the survival of Annette Freder, the wife of University Chancellor, Charles Freder, depends on struggling psychic detective, Jackie Vaughn.

Crippled by grief over the unexpected death of her wife, Jackie deals with her anguish through pills and booze. While these coping mechanisms numb her pain, the growing addiction hampers her abilities, and places her health and livelihood in jeopardy.  The missing person’s case of Annette Freder shifts Jackie’s focus, challenging her psychic abilities.

Blind Redemption Cover

While on the job in China, Jackie finds herself with limited access to medication, resulting in bouts of withdrawal and depression. But that is just one of the many hurdles hindering Jackie in her quest to find Annette and return her to safety. Will corrupt police, maxed out credit cards, an ousted Greek intelligence officer assassin, and a revelation from an unexpected source prove too much for her?

Entangled deceit and unravelling lies Blind Redemption captures the essence of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

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Warren held up the key next to the small gold lock on the sliding-glass door, and then immediately headed to the back door near the garage. He slid the key into the lock and turned the knob. The minute the door swung open, the high-pitched wail of a burglar alarm sounded. Why didn’t I ask where the control panel was? A quick survey showed the keypad by the entry to the garage. He hustled over and punched in the code, then held his breath. He went into the house and gingerly moved the curtains aside to check the streets. All was quiet.
Once convinced the alarm had reset properly, Warren went into the den. He slid the leather executive chair aside and ran his hand underneath the desk’s wood panels. His senses alert and adrenaline at a fever pitch, he rifled through all the drawers, but found nothing of interest. A hard-copy book lying sideways against the bookshelf wall caught his attention. He flipped through the volume and removed a faded, folded piece of paper, tucked between two pages. A bank emblem and accounting records, written in both English and Chinese, had the date of November 8, 2010. As he studied the document, the sound of a car engine came from down the street and up the driveway. He quickly folded the paper and stuck it in his back pocket. He thought about running out the front door, but realizing the alarm would sound, he stayed still. The garage door opener ground, a car door slammed, and the kitchen door squeaked open. All the while, Warren remained motionless against the den wall.
Footsteps tapped across the parquet foyer and went up carpeted stairs. Warren zipped out of the den and slid on a Persian rug. Cursing, he made a dash for the back door. A glass shattered above his head, and he turned around to see the petite housekeeper pointing the barrel of a shotgun at his mid-section.

About the authors

DENISE DEARTH is a novelist and songwriter.  Blind Redemption is the first novel in the compelling Jackie Vaughn detective series. She is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated, a music performing right organization, and the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. When’s she’s not writing she may be seen riding a two-toned, sky blue and white Victory Vegas Steel horse into the Midwestern sunset.

AMY GILLEN is a co-creator of the Jackie Vaughn detective series.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Indiana University.  She is a poet, photographer, and entrepreneur with a passion for kayaking and travel.

Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen can be found at:


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