Blog Tour #Excerpt and #Giveaway– Finding Shawn by Phil Marcello

Title: Finding Shawn
Author: Phil Marcello
Series: Dangerous Lives of High School Athletes, Book One
Genre: Young Adult, Gay Romance, Contemporary
Length: Long Novella
Publishser: Wayward Ink Publishing


Shawn and Alex have been friends since first grade.

Alex, the rock star quarterback, appears to be basking in the limelight of his success and his new romance with Pam.  But appearances can be deceiving.

Shawn is the key man in the football team’s solid defense. He’s also the senior class’ most eligible bachelor. But Shawn has no time to get involved with a girl—at least, that’s what he tells his friends.

In reality, he does have a love interest… Tony Valito.

Finding Shawn Cover

Side-by-side, the relationships between the two couples blossom.  One in the open. The other in secret. That is, until Shawn’s world erupts when the rumor that he’s gay gathers momentum.

In trying to find Shawn, perhaps his friends will end up finding themselves. And everyone will discover how dangerous are the lives of high school athletes.

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Everybody had forgotten about poor Peter and it made him very unhappy. He scrambled to his feet and started fumbling with his knife. He had to feel around under his oversized jacket and detach it from his belt. He finally grabbed onto it. Yeah, now he had it. And now things would be different. He could now put Ritchie in his place. This moment had been a long time coming. And thanks to the fear that a sharp blade would surely generate, the balance of power would finally shift to his side. But as he snagged the knife, it slipped out of his grasp and fell on the track. “Oh, shit.”

“What’s that?” Bruce said. Everybody looked down.

An elegant pearl-handled Bowie knife lay innocently before them. The stainless steel blade glistened in the sunlight.

A petrified Peter stumbled to get his words out, much like he had done with the knife. “Uh, oh. Geez. It slipped out. That stupid thing. It’s such a pain in the butt.”

Ritchie snarled. He didn’t believe a word of it. Had this been a cartoon, steam would have shot out of his ears. But there was nothing funny about it. He had reached the end of his rope. Peter, the cold, the bridge, the knife, everything. “Screw this. I’m outta here.”


About the author

PHIL MARCELLO started writing as a boy in the sixties. Growing up in the projects wasn’t easy, but reading and writing were a couple of healthy vices he picked up along the way. Life happened, but Phil never entirely lost his interest and over the years, he started, but never finished, over a dozen stories.

Fortunately, he saved them all and now has the time and desire to complete them. Phil knows it will take years, but as he enjoys writing and views it as his art form it’s a labor of love he gladly undertakes.

PHIL MARCELLO can be found at:


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