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Title: Good Boys
Series: The Solomon Series, Book One
Author: Keelan Ellis
Genre: Gay Fiction, Detective, Mystery
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Paul Solomon is a homicide detective in Baltimore, a city with a high murder rate and a complicated relationship between the police and the citizens they are sworn to protect.

He’s also a gay man who has been out on the job since he first joined. Being out on a tough police force hasn’t always been easy, but living with integrity is important to him.

Paul’s love life becomes as tumultuous as his job with the demise of his relationship of eight years. While dealing with the emotional and physical upheaval in his personal life, a case comes across his desk that hits a little too close to home—the murder of two gay teenagers.

Paul and his partner, Tim Cullen, must solve the double homicide, and Paul has to find a way to move on from his failed relationship.

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Tim glanced toward the end of the bar, then turned back to Paul. “He’s skinny, with curly brown hair, and he’s got an expression on his face like his dog just died.”

Paul grinned into his beer. “Is he cute?”

“I don’t know, man. How am I supposed to tell?”

“Oh please.”

“Fine.” Tim huffed. “Objectively speaking, sure. I’d say yes. Probably. He has big eyes, like a cartoon kitten.”

Paul almost spit beer all over the bar at that, barely managed to swallow. He started coughing, then laughing. Tim caught the hilarity, and then they were both cracking up, and in the midst of the fit, Paul quickly turned toward the guy and accidentally caught his eye. He was watching them laugh, almost curiously, and he did indeed have big eyes.

Paul and Tim had another beer each before Tim got up to use the bathroom. Paul hadn’t glanced over again, but when Tim left, he finally did. Maybe the guy sensed his gaze, because he looked up and smiled faintly before lowering his eyes.

Tim came back to the bar and sat down with a grin. “So?”

“So nothing,” Paul said, his lips twitching.

“Okay. Well, I just saw our bartender go out for a smoke, and I think I’ll bum one.”

Paul frowned. “I thought you quit.”

“Yeah, I did, but only one. I’ll be right back.”

“You’re not going to start up again in some misguided attempt to give me a chance to talk to Mr. Sad Pants over there, are you?”

“I’m not starting up again,” Tim assured him.

“Suit yourself.” Paul sighed. He hoped not. He didn’t relish the idea of having to sit next to him in the car, reeking of smoke like he had when they’d first partnered up. “But I wasn’t kidding about him hitting on you, you know.”

“No shit,” Tim said, grinning. “That’s how I know he’ll give me a cigarette.” He got up and trotted toward the door.

About the author

KEELAN ELLIS is an east coast girl for life, a progressive, a lover of music and musicians, a mother of two very challenging girls, a loyal though sometimes thoughtless friend, a slacker, a dreamer and a bad influence. She likes true crime podcasts, great television and expensive craft cocktails made by hipsters in silly vests.

KEELAN ELLIS can be found at:


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