Sibiu, Romania


I had simply forgotten how beautiful the drive from my home town, Ploiesti, to the...
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The Modern Knights of Sharp Suits and Fast Cars

Girl in predicament who also happens to look down on herself meets fabulous, gorgeous guy,...
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How I Rate and Review Books

I love reading and I love talking about books I've read. I also try to...
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Dark Secrets by A.M. Hudson: The Book that Made Me Angry

I was so angry when I finished Dark Secrets, it was hard to contain it....
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Fresh release: Pure Love of the Fallen, a Fantasy Short Story

After a full on war with... well, a lot of things, including myself, Pure Love of...
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Three Reasons to Subscribe to My Newsletter

My new blog and website come with a nice little newsletter. The signup form is...
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writing process

How Writing Works for Me

When I start writing, a story is pretty clear in my head. That's because I...
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Fallen Angel, Alexandre Cabanel painting

Pure Love of the Fallen – Teasers

My first short story, Pure Love of the Fallen, is about to be released. It...
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Music to Inspire: Brutal Hearts

Most songs I love catch my eye (or my ear) right from the start. I listen to them and get instantly addicted. Some... I either don't really like or I...
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Books and writing

Welcome to the blog!

What's an avid blogger like me without a fresh, new blog every once in a...
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