Find A Man, Don’t Settle Down – An LGBT Mystery

Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down is the first book in the LGBT mystery series OWL Investigations Mysteries. It introduces the protagonist and lead private investigator Emmett Naoki and his sidekick–former high school crush and totally accidental hire, David Wright.

Cheating exes, missing exes, and former crushes

There are few things in this world that private investigator Emmett Naoki loves. His job and the business he’s built, OWL Investigations, are his biggest passion. Then there’s sleeping in and working alone, but he isn’t getting much of either these days.

His hates are similarly specific. He despises his gift—or curse, depends on how you look at it—of always being hit with the truth right in the face.

He loathes smug bastards who used to make him feel unwanted as a teen. Yet he’s hired their king, David Wright, as his side-kick. In Emmett’s defense, he was drunk at the time.

At the top of his hate list are liars and cheaters. They’re the lowest of the low. So why exactly has Emmet agreed to help cheating ex no.1, Byron, to find backstabbing—and now missing—ex no.2, Chris? Especially since the cops think nothing’s amiss.

Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down is the first book in the LGBT mystery series OWL Investigations. If you like sarcastic PIs and snarky banter, engaging mysteries and a touch of comedy to your life-and-death situations, then you’ll love this new series.

Start reading Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down today to find out what happened to Emmett’s missing man.

Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down – An Excerpt

“SMILE, YOU SORRY EXCUSE for a human being,” I said, following the downward strut of my mark through the viewfinder. I pressed the button of my fancy camera and it took shot after shot in a flurry of motion. It recorded for posterity the desperate fumble of the bundle of joy traveling down his mistress’s stairs. My mark stumbled, almost rolling down the stairs. Served him right for looking so smug.

In my mind, he’d actually fallen down the five or so steps. He deserved it, the cheating dirtbag! He’d only lost his balance for a few thrilling seconds. His misstep had been so minuscule—much like his dick—it wouldn’t have even pulled a chuckle from the most easily amused bystander.

My target, Mr. Insurance Broker Extraordinaire—yes, his job was as sleazy as his two-timing—arranged his suit jacket and looked around, assessing who might have seen him make his exit. He missed me, short-sighted bugger. He didn’t wear his glasses when visiting the side squeeze, a young but not particularly pretty thing he wanted to impress. She placed a long kiss on his lips, and I made sure to capture every moment of it.

What to read after Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down?

Emmett continues his investigations in It’s Murder on the Catwalk. He’ll have to go undercover for this one, and return to his modeling career while at it.