An Ex, A Dog, and Winter Wonderlands: A Gay Christmas Romance

An Ex, A Dog, and Winter Wonderlands is a stand-alone gay Christmas romance set in the Carpathian mountains. Discover the town of Bușteni and this heart-warming holiday novella featuring two former best friends split up by the protagonist’s admittance to being gay.

What could be worse than a breakup right before Christmas? An old flame who shattered you barging back into your life…

Vlad has his life together. Great job, great home set in a typical winter wonderland mountain resort, a loving dog, and amazing friends. On top of that, he loves Christmas. All’s jolly until the universe conspires to ruin it for him: breaking up with his flaky boyfriend days before the holidays, his former best friend who broke Vlad’s heart returning home, and enough snow to ruin all of Vlad’s plans.

Vlad knows why Geo came home to Romania: to visit his family for Christmas. He wasn’t supposed to meet Vlad at the airport, or spend a few days at Vlad’s place while his parents are snowed in elsewhere. To protect himself, Vlad does his best to avoid any real connection, but old habits die hard and they find themselves entangled once more.

The last time Geo left him, Vlad almost failed to put the pieces back together. However close they get this time, it won’t change the fact Geo has to return to his life in another country. Is a little holiday romance worth the heartbreak Vlad knows he’ll have to face?

An Ex, a Dog, and Winter Wonderlands is a perfect read for those who love Christmas romances and second chances.

An Ex, A Dog, and Winter Wonderlands – An Excerpt

“Umm… Vlad?”

The female voice, warm and tinged with humor, went straight through him, making everything good and sickeningly awful at the same time. Vlad hadn’t heard it in years, but he still recognized it in a heartbeat. “Hi, Mrs. Ionescu. Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

She chuckled and Vlad could picture the crinkle of skin around her eyes and mouth and the way she shook her head. “Yes, I gathered as much. I’m sorry to bother you, darling. Your mother gave me your new number.”

“No bother at all. It’s great to hear from you.”

“You’re sweet, Vlad. But I’m not calling to catch up. Actually, I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Geo is coming home for Christmas.” She almost squealed.

“Sounds nice,” Vlad mumbled. As nice as having your skin peeled off in small successive strands, immediately followed by a healthy serving of salt seasoning the fresh wounds.

“He needs us to pick him up from the airport, but our car is in the shop. He lands in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t want him to take a train into Bucharest and another one to come home. It would mean hours more and he always sounds exhausted.”

Of course, Mrs. Ionescu had ignored his disinterest. Just like she pretended there hadn’t been years of radio silence between Vlad and everyone in Geo’s family.

“When is he arriving?” Vlad figured he’d first ask about the date before making an excuse.

“Tomorrow night, two-thirty a.m.”

Vlad closed his eyes, pressing the phone closer to his ear. He racked his brain for a proper excuse, but he came up empty-handed. Before he knew it, words spilled out of his mouth, saying the exact opposite of what he’d planned. “Yeah, okay. I’ll be there.”

“Thank you so much, sweetie! We’ll get back home tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll be there to greet you.”

“Sounds great. I’ll give you a call when we’re on our way from the airport.”

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