Craving Stains

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Craving Stains

Craving Stains is a gay science fiction short story set in the near future. It’s the first gay fiction release of mine, and it started as an anthology submission. I later developed it into a longer version and released it as a stand-alone.

Craving Stains Blurb

All Wynn Brenwood knows is the sterile apartment his mother has kept him trapped in since birth. Locked away in a hospital-like cage, Wynn longs to escape his mother’s hold and experience the world beyond what he can see through his window or research on his computer.

Wynn’s mother insists he cannot face the outside world without falling ill again. Is it her desire to keep him safe that motivates his imprisonment, or is it something else?

Desperate to break free, he encounters Doyle, a handsome, enigmatic stranger, whose life is the opposite of Wynn’s. But is Doyle real, or is he an illusion Wynn’s imagination has created to make life tolerable?

Craving Stains Excerpt

WYNN COULD BARELY contain his enthusiasm. He sat quietly on the armchair facing the window wall separating his living room from the city outside, his clothes perfectly positioned to avoid any wrinkles. He had chosen tight white jeans, a white V-neck tee, and a sports jacket, equally white. He checked the laces on his bright white shoes, and brushed the non-existent impurities off his pant leg. His whole body pushed him to fidget and fuss, but he knew a disheveled appearance could, and probably would, be used against him. So nothing but the dazed smile, the sparkle in his eyes, and the rhythmic drumming of his fingers on the armrest betrayed the turmoil inside.

He was going outside, the first time in his whole life! After years of begging, making promises, complying with the strictest diets, fitness regimens, and bi-weekly checkups, his mother had finally agreed to take him outside. Nothing fancy, just a walk around the neighborhood, to see how he felt. Wynn was convinced he’d show her he wasn’t sick anymore, that the outside world wouldn’t attack and kill him the moment he stepped foot outside.

A nervous giggle escaped him and he rolled his eyes. It was hard to keep his emotions under control. Twenty years made for one long wait to finally breach the confines of his apartment. He looked around, taking in the large, pure white room with its scarce, minimalist furniture. The wall made of nothing but floor to ceiling windows was his favorite part. Sure, it threw away anything from the sun that was not pure light—UV filters, air cleansing devices, and CDC grade measures all made sure no microbes or bacteria ever penetrated this cage—but it was still his only direct connection with the outside world.