Don’t Call Me Kid – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Call Me Kid is the first novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t. It kick starts Van and Parker’s story arc and will take you on a wild, angsty ride.

Falling in love with your brother’s boyfriend and pining over him for a decade? It can’t get any more complicated than that!

Van found the man of his dreams on his fifteenth birthday. And promptly lost him on the same day when he realized Parker was dating his older brother, Taylor.

Ten years later, Van still nurses his unrequited love, but Parker and Taylor are no longer together. Too bad Parker only sees Van as an inexperienced kid, or a friend at best.

If Van plays his cards right, he might get a chance to tell Parker how he feels. With their complicated histories and Taylor wanting his husband back, their situation is as difficult as they come.  Will Van finally get his man, or will he have to give up his teenage fantasies once and for all?

Don’t Call Me Kid is the first novella in the Just Don’t contemporary gay romance serial. If you like your romances on the angsty side and with a touch of complicated family dynamics, then this first book will have you craving for more in no time.

Buy Don’t Call Me Kid today to see if Van’s love truly conquers all.

Don’t Call Me Kid – An Excerpt

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU thinking?” I said, the words too loud, despite having to fight my clenched teeth to get them out. My jaw hurt from all the grinding I’d done in the past ten minutes. My palms were sweaty and the sharp bite of nails piercing skin reminded me to loosen my fists a little.

“I have no idea what you mean, little brother.” Taylor gave a shrug, it didn’t make him look innocent at all.

“It’s Mom’s birthday. You know they made Parker come, right?”

Taylor squinted, his grin turning cruel. “Not my problem.”

I glared at my brother, annoyed by everything he did. The way he sat, splayed out on our parents’ new couch he’d insisted they should buy. “To improve the overall aesthetics of the living room.” The casual hold he’d kept on his new boy toy. The perfectly coiffed do he’d asked me to assess earlier. The smug grin he’d plastered on his lips, mocking enough, while still tapping into the full potential of his megawatt smile. I hated how he breathed, all relaxed. Not about to snap like me.

“Boys,” the lady of the hour said, just as I was about to lunge and bash Taylor’s face in. “I need help in the kitchen.”

“I have to entertain my guest,” Taylor whined.

“I’ll go. The air is poisonous in here anyway.”

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