Don’t Let Go – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Let Go is the fourth novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t and concludes Van and Parker’s romance story.

A hopeless romantic and his skittish boyfriend take on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not the smoothest of rides…

Van and Parker have finally reached more stable ground in their budding relationship. While Van’s brother gave up pursuing Parker, they are still ex-husbands. Because of that, Van and Parker’s families lack faith in their relationship.

Despite his new year resolutions, Van always treads carefully around Parker. He can’t even bring himself to give his new boyfriend a key to his place. Never mind making over the top Valentine’s Day plans like he wants to!

Parker puts a lot of effort into showing Van he’s not about to bail. But he’s getting more tired of Van’s awkward tip-toeing every day. If they don’t get their act together and start behaving normally around each other, they might not make it to Valentine’s Day at all.

Don’t Let Go is the final installment in Alina Popescu’s gay contemporary serial, Just Don’t. If you like angsty stories of friends becoming lovers, then you’ll love Van and Parker’s bumpy ride.

Get your copy of Don’t Let Go right now to see this journey of emotional highs and lows to its conclusion.

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