Don’t Play Games – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Play Games is the sixth novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t and continues Taylor and Drew’s challenging romance.

A redeemed man, a responsible man, and the complicated love that binds them

Taylor forged himself into a new man. One who doesn’t hide behind facades. One who doesn’t cheat or lie. Yet he’s still having trouble getting Drew to commit to more than a date or a sleepover here and there.

After convincing Drew to give him an honest chance, Taylor has focused all his efforts on convincing the man he loves to trust him. Not an easy feat, when, as his teenage brother’s guardian, Drew’s responsible for more than his own wellbeing.

With friends setting Taylor up to fail, past flings crashing their dates, and Drew’s justified wariness, does their love really stand a chance?

Don’t Play Games is the sixth novella in the Just Don’t contemporary gay romance serial. If you like snarky banter, angsty romances, and all the worst possible blasts from the past, then you’ll love this book.

Get your copy of Don’t Play Games so see what Taylor and Drew are up against on their way to true happiness.

What to read after Don’t Play Games?

Taylor and Drew’s story comes to its conclusion in book seven, Don’t Look Away.