Don’t Push Me Away – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Push Me Away is the third novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t and continues Van and Parker’s romance story.

Fear, family, and other love-ending demons

After a decade of constant pining, Van finally gets his chance to be with Parker. But even those who were secretly rooting for Van seem to suddenly decide dating your brother’s ex is kind of weird.

Van is determined to prove to everyone, including Parker, that what they have is worth fighting for. He can deal with family and friends, he can deal with the entire world. The one thing he fails to overcome is Parker’s own reluctance.

Convinced there’s nothing he can’t put up with for Parker, Van’s now stunned to realize he’s drawing a line when fear is the sole reason Parker keeps pushing him away. With Parker on the fence and Van slowly getting fed up, will the new year bring an ending or a fresh beginning for their relationship?

Don’t Push Me Away dives deeper into the angsty relationship at the heart of the Just Don’t series. If you like friends to lovers stories, then you’ll love this fresh installment in Alina Popescu’s gay romance serial.

Get your copy of Don’t Push Me Away today to find out whether Van and Parker manage to surpass all obstacles or not.

What to read after Don’t Push Me Away?

Van and Parker’s story reaches its conclusion in book four, Don’t Let Go.