Don’t Rule Me Out – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Rule Me Out is the fifth novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t and kicks off a new story arc that focuses on Taylor and Drew’s romance.

A serial cheater getting the man he loves to trust him? Not totally impossible

Taylor doesn’t do committed relationships. He tried it once with his now ex-husband and ended up cheating his way out of his marriage. Young, gainfully employed, and selfish, why would he ever want to change? Except he’s lonely and the persona he puts on can’t hide his doubts and measly self-worth.

To make matters worse, Taylor has fallen hard for his friend, Drew. Smart and sexy, Drew is responsible enough to be his teenage brother’s guardian. Not the kind of man who would look twice at someone as flaky as Taylor.

Despite his fear of rejection, Taylor doesn’t want to be just friends with Drew. He’s willing to wait for however long it takes and jump through all the hoops to prove his love. Will his efforts be enough to redeem his checkered past?

Don’t Rule Me Out is the fifth novella in the Just Don’t contemporary gay romance serial and starts off Taylor’s story arc. If you like snarky leads, angsty romances, and complicated family relationships, then you’ll love this book.

Get your copy of Don’t Rule Me Out so see if Taylor can prove himself to the man he loves.

Don’t Rule Me Out – An Excerpt

“I think I’ll go home for tonight,” I muttered, handing Charles my cocktail.

“What about that young man?”

I turned and gave Charles a lewd smile. “I’m sure you can still satisfy them both, old man.”

He stared at me, expression blank. I suspected he didn’t know how to react; revel in the compliment to his sexual prowess, or bristle at the fact I’d called him old.

“You’re not that young yourself, Taylor. Enjoy it while it lasts,” he said bitterly, then downed my cocktail.

I waved goodbye, knowing Charles would get over it by our next evening together. If he’d been put off by such a minor insult, we’d have parted ways years ago.

I had to struggle to find my way out of the club. A few men had thought themselves enticing enough to change my mind. On any other night, they might have been. Tonight? No one felt good enough for me. No one who’d be spending their Saturday night in this club, anyway.

I stepped out into the cool night, breathing easier the moment the club with its heavy atmosphere was well behind me. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. No matter how I looked at it or framed it for Charles, this wasn’t me. I wasn’t one to run home to an empty bed, too bored to even consider bringing a man with me.

If I were anyone else, I’d probably ponder this problem. But I wasn’t that sort of man either. I shook myself, got into a cab and went home. Once I got to my pristine apartment, I’d be safe from this passing ennui.

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