Don’t Underestimate Me – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Don’t Underestimate Me is the second novella in the contemporary gay romance serial Just Don’t and continues Van and Parker’s bumpy and angsty romance story.

The best first kiss ever should lead up to a wonderful holiday season. But what if it only heralds heartbreak?

After a whole decade of pining over his brother’s husband, Van finally gets a chance to kiss him. With Parker’s taste still in his heart, Van’s outlook on his romantic future is suddenly brighter. It doesn’t last long, not when an out-of-town aunt with health issues and Parker’s own choices keep them apart.

Van buries himself in his work in a desperate attempt to deal with the heavy blow of not seeing Parker.  When they’re finally reunited, the outlook is just as bleak.

As Van risks his entire family turning against him, Van might get a Christmas that’s not even close to merry. He’ll need a few miracles to sort everything out, but he’s severely short on holiday cheer.

Don’t Underestimate Me continues the angsty story of the Just Don’t gay romance serial. If you like to see love interests bouncing between friendship and love, then you’ll love this second installment in Alina Popescu’s series.

Get your copy of Don’t Underestimate Me right now to find out what happens next in Evan and Parker’s lives.

What to read after Don’t Underestimate Me?

Van and Parker’s story continues in book three, Don’t Push Me Away.