Elixir of Flight – A Gay Science Fiction Novella

Elixir of Flight is a gay science fiction novella and the second book in the Flyer Chronicles series. If you haven’t read book one, Angel’s Feather, I strongly recommend you start there, as book two continues the storyline of the first installment in the series.

The truth always comes to light, no matter how old or dark the intergalactic veil of lies. 

When flyers Michael and Samandriel set out to find the elusive Ishtahr sanctuary, the truths they uncover about the origin of their race threaten the very foundation of the Intergalactic Alliance. If exposed, the alliance’s revered overseers might lose their rule over the galaxies and their ultimate military force, the flyers.

Desperate to protect Adam, his lover, Michael will go against anyone who threatens the human’s life. Put into stasis by what seems to be a miracle, Adam’s survival is on the line even without the overwatch trying to execute him. As Ishtahr welcomes them, Michael uncovers more of the overseers’ lies and manipulations. His and Samandriel’s rage grows stronger with every new revelation about flyers’ essence.

With overseers ready to go to war against Ishtahr, Samandriel determined to expose their lies, and the sanctuary refusing to bow down to fickle threats, the entire universe is on the brink of implosion. Will Michael and Adam ever find their happiness in such dire circumstances?

Elixir of Flight – An Excerpt

I don’t know what I am anymore.

The thought had plagued Michael for days. It wasn’t something new, it had however grown within the depths of the flyer’s mind ever since he’d seen Adam again. Being faced with one’s mistakes had the bad habit of making one question everything.

Alone on the deck, Michael sat and watched the nothingness outside. Flying through subspace allowed for great speeds but lacked in ambiance. No stunning views of faraway stars to enjoy. The dark blue tube-like tunnel they were sliding through restrictive and oppressive.

Too much time to think. Far too much to remember. And Michael remembered every moment he’d shared with Adam on Earth. The short encounters that started with him publicly executing Adam’s father. The subsequent public executions in Adam’s village. Those eyes of Adam’s, fixed on Michael, filled with awe.

Michael was nothing more than a soldier. Less than that, he was just a warden to the imprisoned Earth. Yet Adam had loved him. Michael’s void carcass hadn’t been worthy, but Adam had offered himself, body and soul.

Sighing, Michael ran his fingers over the interface, checking their ship’s status. Nothing had changed from when he’d last looked. No pressing matter he could use as an excuse to pull himself away from his spiraling thoughts.

What to read after Elixir of Flight?

This space adventure continues with the third installment, Flyer Uprising, which will be released in June, 2018. Until then, I suggest you browse my full list of books to pick your next read.