Lead to Follow – A Gay Paranormal Romance

Lead to Follow is the second gay paranormal romance novel in the Tales of the Werewolf Tribes series. It features one of the characters introduced in the first book, Strength to Let Go. Ganzorig, beta of the Serial Killers tribe, encounters life-threatening hardships when he tries to change the laws of his tribe. A romance is the last thing he needs in the middle of that turmoil.

Werewolves, adventure, and romance

An attempt on Ganzorig’s life by members of his own tribe sends the Siberian Killers into turmoil. On the brink of civil war, Ganzorig’s role as a beta and the Mongolian leadership of the tribe are under threat. A relationship is the last thing Ganz needs, especially since the man he is falling for is a prime target for the Russian packs challenging his rule.

Cristian has enough on his plate ruling the Dacian Wolves. His alpha spends most of her time in the UK and the Romanian packs turn to him for leadership. Getting dragged into Siberian Killer feuds, discovering their male beta is who Cristian is falling for, and having a permanent target on his back are not things he’s bargained for.

A grueling fight for survival, great plans for the future, and an attraction that’s undeniable bring Ganzorig and Cristian together. Faced with real danger, tribe responsibilities, and their own fears, it hardly seems enough to keep them from going their separate ways.

Lead to Follow – An Excerpt

My eyes popped open and I shuddered, cold sweat sliding down the side of my forehead. Had I fallen asleep? Or had I been drifting off, only to come to my senses again? There! Sounds in the hallway. Booted feet coming up the stairs as those outside my door stopped.

I shoved aside the covers and sat up, expecting a knock that never came. Hushed voices, shuffling feet, and steady breathing was all I could hear.

They might have been reluctant to wake me. Thinking I’d get it over with, I pulled my boots next to me, intending to slide them and go open the door. This waiting outside and twiddling their thumbs was annoying as hell.

As I sat and laced up one shoe, the small hairs on the back of my neck prickled. My wolf was restless, and I tried to soothe him. There was nothing but familiar scents outside. It was probably some sort of emergency, and they knew I’d been pissed at the end of the latest round of talks.

The wolf wasn’t having it. I felt his apprehension and hurried through lacing my other boot and grabbing my coat.

The shuffling stopped for a second, then an ordered move followed. I froze in place and listened, my hearing focused on how they shifted positions. I could picture them parting, making room for someone to pass. And then the familiar click of a rifle being loaded.

My wolf snarled, trying to push to the surface, but this was no time to attack. He wasn’t happy, but I ignored him. I had a second, maybe two, to decide something.

One exit—the door—blocked. Top floor of three. I tried to remember what I’d seen outside. Were there trees? How thick was the snow?

What to Read after Lead to Follow?

Book three in the series, Somewhere to Belong will soon be released (Spring 2018). Until then, I invite you to check out my books and decide what series to start next.