Murderous Affair

Murderous Affair is the prequel to The Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mystery Series and lets you dive into Jayden Carmichael’s life before it imploded and she ended up moving to Riverbrook.

Betrayal, murder, and elitist liars. Never a dull moment in the art world.

Aspiring artist Jayden Carmichael loves her Manhattan life. She’ll willingly work way too many shifts at a coffee shop to sustain it, put up with her boyfriend dismissing her manga-inspired art, and drown her sorrows in cosplaying and anime collectibles. No one’s life is perfect, right?

When a murder sends Jayden’s world into a tailspin, everything she thought she had turns out to be a big, fat lie. Slap a mean detective and an impending murder charge on top of that, and Jayden is forced to turn amateur sleuth to prove her innocence.

With a best friend ready to provide a shoulder to cry on and a place to retreat and regroup, her famous father’s unwanted help, and her own wits, Jayden might just avoid a jail sentence.

Murderous Affair is the prequel to the Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mysteries series. If you love artsy female sleuths and murder mysteries, then you’ll enjoy this novella.

Grab your copy of Murderous Affair to find out if Jayden finds the killer before NYPD’s finest lock her up and throw away the key.

What to read after after Murderous Affair

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