Murderous Homecoming

Murderous Homecoming is the first book in The Riverbrook Cozy Mysteries and follows thirty-something Jayden Carmichael as she goes back home to recoup and recover. Her pity party is interrupted by a new job and a fresh body she stumbles across.

Nothing like murder to welcome you home

Jayden Carmichael is not moving back home to small town Riverbrook. She’s only there for a break. A few months’ worth, tops.

She is definitely not getting involved in a murder investigation. So what if she found the body at her new job and the entire town thinks she’s killed one of the most obnoxious locals? And she’s most certainly not going to help Riverbrook’s new, gorgeous, and way too chill sheriff get the truth out.

All Jayden wants is to lick her wounds, save up, and return to New York City to take the art world by storm. Instead, she gets swept up in Riverbrook’s gossip, sordid secrets, and simmering conflicts. With the help of loving relatives, a new friend with a wild beast for a pet, and the sheriff she’s so not interested in, Jayden might just make it out alive.

Murderous Homecoming kicks off the Riverbrook Geeky Cozy Mysteries series with a reluctant sleuth, a small town trapped between its past and future, and a victim that rubbed just about everyone the wrong way. If you like murder mysteries, quirky protagonists, and huge pets, you’ll love this new series.

Get your copy right now to find out if Jayden survives her Murderous Homecoming.

What to read after Murderous Homecoming?

Book two, Murderous Ties, will soon be on pre-order!