It’s Murder on the Catwalk – An LGBT Mystery

It’s Murder on the Catwalk is the second book in the LGBT mystery series OWL Investigations Mysteries. It takes private investigator Emmett Naoki to an exotic beach destination to investigate a suspicious death.

More lying, more cheating, more blasts from the past. With a side of murder.

Just when Emmett thought he was done with exes with a thing for backstabbing, another one falls in his lap. Not his ex, for once. No, this one belongs to Emmett’s new partner at OWL Investigations and former—okay, maybe current—crush, David.

The bad news? Shirou is here to stay and piss off Emmett for the foreseeable future. Why David doesn’t kick him out, Emmett will never know.

The worst news? Emmett can’t stop thinking about the kiss he’s shared with David.

There’s good news, sort of. Emmett gets to travel to a seaside resort in Turkey to investigate a suspicious death.

Too bad he must go back to his modeling roots to find the killer!

It’s Murder on the Catwalk is an LGBT murder mystery that takes the OWL Investigations series to an exotic location. If you like sunny seaside vacations, murder investigations, and snarky models, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Start reading It’s Murder on the Catwalk right now and see if you can catch the murderer before Emmett does.

What to read after It’s Murder on the Catwalk?

Emmett and David will investigate another murder in Leave Me, Baby, One More Time.