Sky and Storm – An Alternate Universe Medieval

Sky and Storm is the first novella in the gay alternate universe romance series Warriors of Vis. It’s a dual point-of-view medieval story of two former childhood friends, Sky and Storm, who marry each other. Yet nothing in their marriage shows happiness or even friendship.

Two childhood friends reunite for what should be a most joyous event: their wedding. Sky is a rural noble family’s son, Storm is the warrior prince of the kingdom, and they haven’t seen each other in years.

Storm, the Dragon of Vis, wedding Sky Moonborn takes the entire kingdom by surprise. Everyone opposes Storm’s choice: the king and queen, the heartbroken youths of Vis whose dreams of high status have been crushed, and the prized heirs to the kingdom’s allies. None of them, however, is so decidedly against this sudden marriage as Sky himself.

Since turning sixteen, Storm has spent his life waging war against neighboring countries and making them bow to his will. Rumors about his viciousness and unmatched talent for killing have roamed the lands of Vis and turned Sky’s heart to ice.

Amidst court intrigue, military conflicts, and an ever-decaying marriage, a whirlwind of hidden truths and feelings bind Sky and Storm together. This thunderous link seems doomed to lead only to destruction. Only a small flicker of hope promises salvation, but will either fan that flame in time?

Sky and Storm – An Excerpt

As the riders approached, Sky recognized their banners. His heart sank. His mouth dried up, his breathing became labored and he felt tears threatening to break the barrier of his eyes. He shook his head, leaning on the railing and trying to steady himself. No, this couldn’t be. It had to be a mistake. The Dragon had no business sending his riders to Sky.

He took a few clumsy steps back and fell onto the oversized sitting pillows he’d piled up on the balcony. He looked up, watching fluffy, milky-white clouds running away from the riders. Even they knew they should fear the envoys of the Dragon. Sky closed his eyes, a tear falling down the side of his face, over his earlobe and down his neck, tickling him and making him shiver. He wanted to wipe it away but found he couldn’t move. The fear was paralyzing.

No, it can’t be. He gripped his long blond locks with both his hands. He pulled as hard as he could and pain fired up his body. Word of the Dragon’s decision to marry had reached them weeks earlier. Rumor had it the Dragon and the King would discuss it, then send riders carrying the flaming red banners to fetch the lucky young male the Dragon had decided on and bestow numerous honors upon his family.

Sky had never for one second thought he’d be the Dragon’s choice. Even now, as the battle cries of the riders were close enough to be heard, he still tried to convince himself they were there for a different reason. A summon to a ball or some business with his father, surely. Yet he knew they wouldn’t use those scary red fighters for such small matters.

It can’t be me. My family is not important enough.

Sky sighed, covering his quivering lips with his hand. He had made a snide comment about marrying the Dragon being a curse during the last feast his parents had organized. Who would want to marry that beast? The one thing that didn’t surprise Sky was that the Dragon had chosen a man. He’d probably break a woman in two on their wedding night. It was said the Dragon was huge. A mass of muscle moving about, spreading promises of pain and bloodshed.

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