Strength to Let Go – A Gay Paranormal Romance

Strenght to Let Go is a gay paranormal romance, the first book in the Tales of the Werewolf Tribes series. It follows Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang tribe, on his journey of mourning after having been abandoned by his mates. Shiki needs to find the strength to let go of past loss and find a reason to stay alive.

After being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo. Overwhelmed by grief, he decides to end it all by going into Siberian Killer territory and challenging the tribe to a battle to the death.

His death.

The Killer’s beta, Ganzorig, grasps the potentially disastrous consequences of his tribe killing Shiki, and saves him instead. Having suffered loss, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain, then return him safely to his tribe.

Shiki’s best friend since childhood, Blake, is as determined as Ganzorig to show him there is life after a wolf’s ultimate loss, that of a mate.

Once Shiki leaves the seclusion of Ganzorig’s compound and returns to Tokyo, Blake is the only person he allows near. Blake is more than happy to give Shiki space to lick his wounds and deal with everything in his place. Shielded from his responsibilities to his family and tribe, and cocooned in Blake’s care, Shiki thrives on his journey to healing.

As the real world pushes its way in, with competing tribes causing trouble, children to worry about, and exes to deal with, will Shiki be able to cope or will he spiral back to a state of pure misery? And is there room for more than friendship between him and Blake?

Strength to Let Go – An Excerpt

IT TOOK ME a minute to open my eyes. My eyelashes were stuck together in a messy tangle of dried tears. I groaned and rubbed them furiously, trying to ease the sting. I blinked a few times, until the garish glow of sunlight reached my pupils and made me cringe. My eyes hurt and I swore, turning my back to the annoying source of light. I reached out to pull either Kayden or Kieran closer and was greeted by the cold emptiness on their side of the bed.


Yes, that was right, I had gone to bed alone, knowing I was going to wake up in the same sorry state, forever. Yay me! Great going…. I forced my eyes open again, the light of day and the pangs of loss and hurt making my vision blurry with tears that I promptly fought back. I had exhausted my stash of sake, then finished all of Kieran’s absinthe. Not like he’d be back here to drink it anytime soon. He and Kayden had made their merry way back to the Fae Realm, leaving me behind. Sayonara, Shiki!

Well, they hadn’t actually said that, they only ever spoke to me in Japanese to whisper words of love. However they’d said it, the message had been clear: I was without my mates. I had lost my dark prince and my warrior. There was no turning back, I had no say in it, and I could keep the castle if I wanted to. Sure, ’cause that’s something I’d do!

I pushed myself up, sitting in the middle of our huge bed and slumping against the sea of pillows adorning our headboard. I sighed and ran both hands through my now very messy hair, trying to wrap my mind around what had happened.

Rainbow Awards 2015 Honorable Mention for Strength to Let Go

In 2015, Strength to Let Go received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards for the Gay Paranormal Romance category. What this means is that one of the judges thought this was a five-star read. And here’s their review:

What a nice, fresh, new take on the wolf-shifter meets his mate trope, and the best friends-to-lovers trope. I really enjoyed this story, I loved the way the author fills us in on details from the past throughout the length of the story, rather than just giving a huge info dump. This is good because I sort of felt as if I were missing something at the beginning of the book, as if there was another book I’d missed so I checked the title once again to make sure and found out that it was book one in this series, so having things explained as time went on was great because it answered questions, rounded out the different characters, developing many of them from being just 2d creatures into being fully formed 3d people.

However, there were times when I feel as if the flashbacks were repetitive and with each flashback it seemed as if the editing suffered for a bit before straightening out. The scenes were all described beautifully, and I felt as if I were actually there. But regardless of that, I must admit to a bit of disappointment that the reasoning behind Kayden and Keiran leaving Shiki in the callous way that they did, left me slightly unsatisfied. While in real life one does not always receive closure, I at least wanted it for Shiki. However, it’s only the first book, so we’ll see what happens later in the series. With all of that, it was still a beautiful story about survival after losing who you thought was the love(s) of your life, moving past that, seeing the truth of your relationship and them, and being open to love, laughter, and living again, because there are people who care and you never know whom you may find right around the corner.

Next in the Series

The werewolf adventures of the Tales of the Werewolf Tribes series continue with book two, Lead to Follow.