Sunrise with You – A Contemporary Gay Romance Novella

Sunrise with You is a contemporary gay romance novella and the final installment in the Lover’s Journey series. It continues Seba and Edi’s story, picking up six months after the end of Dusk to Dawn. Ideally, you’d read at least Dusk to Dawn before starting this, although I recommend reading this series in order, starting with Dawn to Dusk, to get all its flavors.

Someone’s always stirring up trouble in paradise…

Six months after becoming lovers, Sebastian and Edi are still riding their blissful high. Secluded in Cambridge, away from past nuisances and homophobic jerks, switching from best friends to boyfriends was easy. Yet when faced with Romania’s realities, things get a little shaky.

A trip to Bucharest to clear out Edi’s apartment brings out all their doubts and fears about their new relationship. Edi’s ex, Robert, pursues him relentlessly, Edi’s bosses are doing a marvelous job at driving him into an early grave, and Seba finds himself pushed away.

After pining over Edi for most of his life and seeing him go back to Robert again and again, Seba can’t help but fear the worst. Not used to being shut out by Edi, he fears they are doomed to fail.

The romantic vibes of Valentine’s Day remind them of their true feelings. But will their love be enough in the long run?

Sunrise with You – An Excerpt

Of all the things I missed about Romania, the cold wasn’t one of them. Especially now, when there was no snow to cover up the dirty roads, just dry, frozen days, dark and menacing.

When I’d moved to the UK, I’d feared the world-renowned rain. I got used to it fairly quickly. I had in fact experienced a whole sunny week during the summer. Besides, it never got as cold as here. No negative twenty temperatures to worry about, thank you very much.

“Edi! Seba! I’m here,” Evi said, jumping and waving her hands.

I could only see her when she was up in the air. On landing, only her hands were visible between the large SUVs surrounding her car.

She threw herself in Edi’s arms and they hugged each other for so long, the cold started to get unbearable. She’d seen him a few months earlier when she’d visited us, but Evi always acted as if it had been years since they’d last laid eyes on each other.

She released Edi and zeroed in on me. Air rushed out of my lungs when she hurled herself at me. I hugged her and laughed, spinning around until we were both dizzy.

“If I throw up, I’m aiming at you,” she said, pointing a long, manicured finger at me. Bright red nail polish danced before my eyes as she threatened me and I grinned, my face hurting with how wide it was.

“I missed you too, Evi.”

She gave me a proper once over and frowned. “When did you become such a weakling? You’re blue and you’ve only been outside for a minute.”

I pushed my winter hat further over my ears. “It will take a few days to get used to this hellish weather.”

She raised her eyebrows and punched me in the shoulder. “Isn’t hell supposed to be super-hot?”

I shook my head as I shivered. “Nope, I am sure it’s actually frozen over already.”

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