The Edge of Hope – A Vampire Urban Fantasy Novel

The Edge of Hope is the first book in the gritty vampire urban fantasy series Bad Blood. In this thrilling first installment, protagonist Alexa finds her way from a painful past into the secretive and dangerous world of vampires.

Out of a painful past, straight into a menacing world of vampires

Scarred by a devastating breakup, Alexa goes on a long vacation to Malta. Trying to forget her painful past by writing a vampire book, she soon catches the eye of an alluring journalist. Magnetic and oozing danger, Anthony is the type of guy Alexa can’t refuse.

Alexa’s hopes and dreams for a new beginning morph into a dangerous trap. She finds herself entangled in a world she thought a myth – vampires, their ancient secrets, and life-threatening pursuits.

As Alexa defies the hold of this ominous reality, she follows her quest of self-discovery and finding love. Will she survive this blood-bound journey?

The Edge of Hope is the first book in the new and enthralling vampire series Bad Blood. If you like urban fantasy with a strong dose of adventure, witty dialogue, and strong female leads, then you will love Alina Popescu’s fast-paced and gritty vampire saga.

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The Edge Hope – An Excerpt

“Oh, I love this song,” I said as we walked by a small bar where Ayo was begging on her knees for relief that never came. It reminded me of home, of old friends, and of drinking hot chocolate in Bucharest cafés.

“We shouldn’t waste it then,” he said in a low, slightly husky voice. I felt his hand on mine, stopping me and turning me to face him.

“What? Here? In the street?”

“Why not?”

I was either too happy, too tired, or too intoxicated after downing earlier, because I couldn’t find a good reason to say no. I stepped closer to him and he placed his free arm around my waist. I followed his lead into a middle of the street dance, moving too slowly for that particular song. Other party people were walking past us, smiling and pointing in our direction.

Anthony looked into my eyes and I couldn’t make myself look away. His burning gaze, the savage locks of hair falling on his face, his body so close to mine, and the general intimacy of the moment made me feel powerless. It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time, and relief washed over me when the song ended. Something about Anthony made all my alarms go off. They warned me of the high potential of my getting hurt if we continued to spend so much time together. I knew it might be just my fear talking, given everything that had happened in the past year, but if there was one thing I had learned it was to trust my instincts. And they were telling me to run.

Instead of screaming and making a quick getaway, I smiled and thanked Anthony for the dance, turning to our car which had just pulled up.

“My pleasure,” he said, taking my hand in his.

What to read after The Edge of Hope?

Alexa’s story in the dark and twisted world of vampires continues with book two, The Breaking of Bonds.