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My first short story, Pure Love of the Fallen, is about to be released. It follows fallen angel Ramiel and his life on Earth, with glimpses into his past in the Pristine Gardens. It’s a story about love, change, free will, and the courage of finding a new path to walk. Plus angels are cool cause they have wings, right?

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Here are the teasers of both part I and the yet to be published part II that I have posted on my Facebook page so far:

Part I

[blockquote style=”1″]He lacked nothing and he lacked everything. What he had meant nothing to him, what he wanted was unattainable.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote style=”1″]Ah, he missed the days when he needn’t worry about such trivial things: shower, eat, get dressed, drink… Although food was fun, so was alcohol, not to mention cigarettes.[/blockquote]

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A snippet of the scene where Ramiel exposes his true self which seems to have be a favorite so far:

[blockquote style=”1″]“Hey, Rams, do you have wings?” the girl said, after a round of crazed laughter while they were making sand angels, the version of snow angels you do on the beach, she had expertly explained.

“Of course I have!”

“Would you show them to me?”

“You want to see my true form?” he asked, turning to face her and resting on his elbow and forearm.

“I bet they’re silky black, just like your hair! And probably velvety soft like your eyes!”

“Well, they are black,” Ramiel muttered, somewhat taken aback by her perfect description of something she had never seen.

“So show them to me, won’t you? I feel like seeing something truly beautiful tonight!”

“Aren’t the stars and moon enough for you? We came to the beach, you said that would make you feel better. Now you want me to reveal myself in my most intimate form?”

“I have this feeling everything I’ve ever considered beautiful would pale in comparison. I guess I just want to be mesmerized!”[/blockquote]

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[blockquote style=”1″]He smiled back, although he didn’t feel particularly cheerful. Her smiles just happened to bring out his, every time. It was that continuous warmth of hers, he knew full well.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote style=”1″]“Hey, what’s going on? You know you can tell me anything!” he said, sitting on the couch and placing her legs over his.

“That’s not entirely true, is it?”

“What do you mean? Of course it is! Come on, tell me! I promise I won’t get mad and curse that bastard you’re in love with.”

“Curse him, huh?” she said with a sad smile that he had never seen on her face.

“You know he’s an idiot for not choosing you, right?”

She laughed softly and sat up, facing him.

“Rams, it’s not like that. Don’t you know? You can’t blame someone for being in love with someone else, no matter how poor a choice that person makes. You can just hope they eventually fall out of love, and when they do, you’d become visible on their radar.”

“Sure you can! You can also resent them for it!”

“No, because you yourself can’t choose who you love. All I can do is keep on loving him and hope one day this feeling and this pain will subside.”

“What a waste of pure love…” he murmured.[/blockquote]

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[blockquote style=”1″]“Are you trying to deceive and angel, kid?” he asked in a pretend-threatening voice.

“Yeah, what of it? Gonna strike me down or something?”

“I just might,” Ramiel said, biting back a smile.

“And risk being left with no friends at all? That would be smart!” she snickered.[/blockquote]

[blockquote style=”1″]“You know, Rams, you’re already a fallen angel, you don’t really have to try that hard to keep your reputation!”[/blockquote]

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Part II

[blockquote style=”1″]Alma to Shamsiel: “You are a nothing more than a jealous, malicious brat who does not know how to be happy and wants others to be miserable with him!”

Shamsiel to Alma “I see you’re back to your usual claws-out, wild cat attitude. Done with coming off as pathetically weak, are we? Is that an illusion you’ve got saved up for Ramiel?”[/blockquote]

Already hooked? Then you know what to do!

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