Let’s Keep in Touch!

I love to hear from my readers, my friends, other writers, other artists, basically everyone that wants to have a chat or ask a question. So here are a few easy ways to get in touch with me!

1. Drop me an email

There’s nothing cooler than an email about books, writing, and everything that has to do with the stories I create. So feel free to email me at any time to let me know what you think of my books, ask questions, or simply have a chat. My email address is alina@alina-popescu.com. I always reply, even if it takes me a while to get to your email.

2. Comment on the site

The comments are and will always stay open. You can go to any blog post I’ve published and share your thoughts.  I will do my best to answer to any comments you post as soon as possible.

3. Let’s connect on Social Media

If you want to hang out more, then add me on any of my social media profiles. They’re linked at the top and bottom of all site pages. I’m active on all of them, but I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube the most.

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