Cover Reveal – Dusk to Dawn (Lover’s Journey, Book Two)

Contemporary gay romance Dusk to Dawn, the second book in the Lover’s Journey series, will be released in late May. Till then, I thought I’d share the cover with you and a few thoughts on this book and the series in general. To sweeten the deal, from now and until May 19th (the book’s release day), you can pre-order Dusk to Dawn at a discounted price of $2.99. After that date, it will go back to its normal, 3.99 price. In the mean time, relax and read on 🙂


Since he was thirteen, Sebastian’s every precious moment was connected to his first crush, Edi. His protector through his toughest school years, Edi has always guided Sebastian’s choices. Love, lust, the realization he was gay, his passion for sports and karate, his studies and career of choice, everything in Seba’s life is somehow linked to Edi.

Sebastian’s love never faltered over the years, not as he challenged himself to catch up to Edi. Nor when Edi’s on and off boyfriend, Robert, showed up to wreak havoc in their lives.

Sebastian has shaped his life to revolve around Edi—his friend, roommate, and occasional lover. But is that the right path for him, or should he start a new journey, one that takes him away from Edi all the way to another country? And will running away solve anything in the end?

Dusk to Dawn by Alina Popescu

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Dusk to Dawn’s Real Life Inspiration

The entire Lover’s Journey series was partly inspired by real life events and people. I chose them carefully, based on how much of an impact they had on my life. While I strayed far from reality when shaping these characters, the places, the experiences, and the circumstances I’ve selected were all based at least partially on true events. The places where I’ve studied, the terraces and parks and boulevards where I met my friends, the freedom and excitement of university years, the thrill and challenges of joining the work force, those were all moments I love revisiting.

It’s amazing how powerful some memories are. I can’t even remember the names of all my secondary school classmates, but certain people, certain moments are so vividly painted it seems they only happened yesterday. So I wrote this series in bright moments, focusing on those events that put a dent into our being forever. It proved quite helpful when I covered over a decade in one novel. I hope you enjoy this type of storytelling, where the narrative jumps forward to key moments, those that light up whenever you think of the past, those that are most vividly painted on our minds. It’s those experiences that we always talk about, always analyze and try to make sense of.

Anyway, I do hope those who have waited for this sequel for over a year will enjoy reading it as much as I did. So… hurry up, pre-order your copy, and start reading on release day! Haven’t read book one yet? Not to worry, you have time to delve into this contemporary gay romance series before release day with Dawn to Dusk (which just happens to be free with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions).

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