Cover Reveal: Lead to Follow, Book Two in #Gay #Paranormal Series Tales of the Werewolf Tribes

Yaaaayyyyy, I can finally share this beautiful cover with you! Lead to Follow now has a title, a cover, and it’s what I am frantically working on to get it ready for its October 31 release! If you’ve enjoyed Strength to Let Go, my first of this gay paranormal series, then you definitely will love this one too. Especially if you were one of those readers who asked for Ganzorig’s story. Because this is his story!

Lead to Follow – Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book Two

An attempt on Ganzorig’s life by members of his own tribe sends the Siberian Killers into turmoil. On the brink of civil war, Ganzorig’s role as a beta and the Mongolian leadership of the tribe are under constant threat. A relationship is the last thing Ganz needs, especially since the man he is falling for is a prime target for the Russian tribe challenging his rule.

Cristian has enough on his plate ruling the Dacian Wolves. His alpha spends most of her time in the UK and the Romanian packs look up to him for leadership. Getting dragged into Siberian Killer feuds, discovering their male beta is who Cristian is falling for, and having a permanent target on his back are not things he’s bargained for.

A constant fight for survival, great plans for the future, and an attraction that’s undeniable bring Ganzorig and Cristian together. In the face of real danger, tribe responsibilities, and their own fears, it all hardly seems enough to keep them from going their separate ways.

Lead to follow is up for pre-order exclusively on Amazon

Lead to Follow by Alina Popescu

Haven’t read book one yet? You can get it right now. Strenght to Let Go is an Amazon exclusive so you can buy it or read it for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. And because they are so pretty, here they are again, side by side:

Tales of the Werewolf Tribes

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