Cover Reveal: Sky and Storm (Warriors of Vis, Book One) + Instafreebie Sample

After three years and a half, Sky and Storm my alternate universe, medieval feel gay romance is finally here. The first in the Warrior of Vis series, Sky and Storm will be released on November 24th. To the few who’ve read bits of this when I started working on the story all those years ago, I apologize, but it’s now being released so the wait is over 😀 .

Sky and Storm Blurb

Two childhood friends reunite for what should be a most joyous event: their wedding. Sky is a rural noble family’s son, Storm is the warrior prince of the kingdom, and they haven’t seen each other in years.

Storm, the Dragon of Vis, wedding Sky Moonborn takes the entire kingdom by surprise. Everyone opposes Storm’s choice: the king and queen, the heartbroken youths of Vis whose dreams of high status have been crushed, and the prized heirs to the kingdom’s allies. None of them, however, is so decidedly against this sudden marriage as Sky himself.

Since turning sixteen, Storm has spent his life waging war against neighboring countries and making them bow to his will. Rumors about his viciousness and unmatched talent for killing have roamed the lands of Vis and turned Sky’s heart to ice.

Amidst court intrigue, military conflicts, and an ever-decaying marriage, a whirlwind of hidden truths and feelings bind Sky and Storm together. This thunderous link seems doomed to lead only to destruction. Only a small flicker of hope promises salvation, but will either fan that flame in time?

Pre-order it on Amazon or check the first 40% for free through Instafreebie!

Sky and Storm cover

Why the Long Sample?

A while back, around the time when Travel and Spice was about to be released, I decided to offer a minimum of 40% of my releases as a free sample. I got asked why such a long sample quite a bit.

The idea of an Instafreebie sample is that a. pre-orders have no samples and b. it gets people past their initial reluctance. Many times I checked a sample and it all seemed good, only to be disappointed when I truly got into the book. So why not make sure you actually enjoy the story before buying it?

So if you want to take Sky and Storm on a test run, here’s the Instafreebie link again. Happy reading!

I hope you all enjoy this new cover and the sample. Later, when the book is released, I hope you love the final product. In the meantime, if you’d like to share your thoughts on the cover, I’d love to see you in the comments 😀

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