Euro Pride Con 2016: A Few Thoughts on the LGBTQIA Fiction Event in Berlin

Well, it’s over. Been over since Sunday, but it took me a while to get back home, recover, wrap my thoughts around Orlando, that sort of thing. But hey, Euro Pride Con deserves some praise and some coverage, so I am focusing on that right now.

This year’s LGBTQIA fiction Euro Pride Con conference was held in Berlin, a city I hadn’t visited before. I dragged my boyfriend with me because it’s about writing and fiction and creativity and he is creating stories for his games. We arrived there early on Thursday, two days before the conference’s official kickoff.

Berlin, Germany

I thought I was smart and we’d have two days to explore. We did, but man, we came there tired, and by Friday we were exhausted 😀 Still we pulled ourselves together cause we couldn’t miss a Cards Against Humanity evening. L.A. Witt has an impressive collection y’all! I envy her so much for it.

Onto the event – wonderful panels, great people, amazing conversations, lots of coffee. Lots.Of.Coffee! (Are you surprised?). About 30 kilometers of walking over four days 😀 Great hotel, an itroduction to Vietnamese food (thanks again, Lori), and an event of firsts.

Let’s talk about those firsts! My first reading – that excerpt from Br0th3rly where Tristan meets Trevor’s boyfriend 😀 It’s super awesome, if you haven’t read the book yet, go buy it! I was absolutely terrified, but I had a lot of encouragement to help me survive it, including a last minute pep talk from the one and only Hans Hirschi.

Reading - Euro Pride Con - Br0th3rly

My first ever reading, with Monika de Georgi and Hans Hirschi. Br0th3rly looks awesome 😀

I was also on two panels this year – one on World Building where we geeked out a lot on science fiction and paranormal topics, with a touch of contemporary and historical, and another one on dealing with praise and cricitism online. I only have photos from the second panel. At the first one, apparently the mic totally blocked me and the boyfriend failed at his one job of taking photos.

How to Deal with Praise and Criticism

Yup, totally look like an elf in this one 😀 Matt, Elisa, Dani, and Marc are wonderful panel mates. 

The other first was bringing my significant other to a con, so that someone would actually see me in my work element. I was somehow super worried about it and it added to my jitters before each panel (and more so during the reading). Pro tip: don’t make them listen to you read your piece after midnight. We all know you can’t have any inflection at that point (after about 12 kilometers of walking that day, mind you), so you’ll spend your next-day reading worrying you sound flat 😀

Books by Alina Popescu at Euro Pride Con

My book display, and Teodora Kostova’s little rainbow duck. She says it’s a unicorn though.

Another first? Well, I started planning for this early. Like over six months in advance early. I thought that would mean a lot less stress, nothing going wrong last minute, enough time to figure out my reading piece. Yeah, I was wrong 😀 Totally had to deal with all that stuff again. And I fully plan to deal with it next year, so see you all in Berlin for Euro Pride Con 2017!

As you can see, there were Dusk to Dawn postcards and bookmarks with a special discount code for AllRomance. If you can read it and want to use it, go ahead 😀 But it’s only valid till July 20.

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