Famous on the Internet Series

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Famous on the Internet – A Contemporary Romance Series

Famous on the Internet is a gay contemporary romance series focusing on protagonists who are online idols. These internet famous main characters are famous for their blogs, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or Instagram photos. They are travelers, makeup artists, musicians, gamers, and more. The series currently has three books that have been either published or are about to be released, but I have plans for at least three more! So get to know these Internet stars with Br0th3rly, Travel and Spice, and the soon-to-be-released Gaming and IRL Boss Fights. All stories in the Famous on the Internet series are stand-alone. Their only connection is their online celebrity protagonists.

What readers think of Famous on the Internet

I LOVE this book to the moon and back!! I got sucked into the story from the very beginning.  I lived and breathed this story, I kept my fingers crossed for Tristan to get his HEA

I sat down to read Br0th3rly—see if it may be something I would enjoy reading—and the next thing I know a couple hours have gone by and I’m at the end. Within this novella there is a well-developed story, lots of humor, low-level angst—although I did get teary at one point…nope, can’t tell you why—the bedroom chemistry is hot and sexy “that doesn’t necessarily stay in the bedroom” and the writing flowed seamlessly—which I loved.

Great fun read from start to finish. Totally enjoyed.

I loved Br0th3rly, first book of the series. Travel and Spice is even better.

It was nice to see how you can fall in love and still live your dreams. I thought the characters were great and it is definitely a reread!

Sounds good, right? But not everyone enjoyed the first two books:

Editing needed to be done, the basic story line not very original, and there really wasn’t much of a story outside of brotherly love regardless. This was just ok for me.