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If it’s Wednesday, we’re talking Research and Ideas for Authors. You know how I love my YouTube inspiration, after my posts on swords and the one on things I watch. Today, I am back with another fun, interesting, and very educational channel on weapons, medieval castles, and other interesting historic facts.

The channel I want to introduce you to today is Shadiversity. This channel talks about swords, medieval castle, random medieval topics, with a touch of gaming and science fiction. The section of the channel I want to draw attention to today deals with the medieval world and how it is portrayed in fantasy.

Medieval Castles and How Accurate are the Fantasy Ones

Shadiversity’s series on medieval castles is fascinating to me. Not only does he discuss the real, historically accurate castles of medieval times, but he also analyzes fictional versions. Of course, fantasy means the same rules might not apply, but writing accurate and believable characters and castles can’t hurt. If your story calls for a castle made of glass, that’s great, but if you want a real feel to your world, then this resource my come in handy.

Swords and More Swords

You can never watch too many videos on medieval weaponry and specifically on swords when you write warriors! At least that’s the excuse I am using. You can start with this playlist, and if you are interested, you can even watch a few videos on katanas and the now famous knight vs samurai issue.

I am also quite a big fan of his latest series on fantasy creatures and what medieval weapons they would use. I’ve found videos on elves, orcs, and dwarfs so far.

Other Medieval Topics

Shadiversity has a huge list on other medieval topics, everything from chainmail to how shields were used on horseback. I loved finding out more about armor and weaponry in general, especially since my facts might be a bit influenced by movies, games, and literature I was exposed to.

I’ll live you with one of Shad’s videos discussing how medieval fantasy stories should be. Enjoy!

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