Flyer Chronicles Gay Science Fiction Series

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Flyer Chronicles – A Gay Science Fiction Series

Flyer Chronicles is a gay science fiction series taking you on a journey from a future post-apocalyptic Earth to the expanses of the known universe, with its secrets, lies, and powerful threats. The series currently has three parts – Angel’s Feather, Elixir of Flight, and Flyer Uprising. The first two have already been published and Flyer Uprising will be released in June 2018.

What readers think of Flyer Chronicles

 A story full of unpredictable twists.

This is so well written that I was hooked within a few pages. A lover of sci-fi, fantasy and romance, I found the premise blended all seamlessly into a riveting storyline.

I loved the world building.

Adam’s character is complex and the story has unexpected twists and turns as Adam must decide whether revenge is worth betraying all that he once believed in.

Uniquely original. A fun and seductive Sci-fi story filled with love, tragedy and danger. I enjoyed the world build, as well as the characters and the premise.

This is a very fascinating, intriguing, and interesting story that had me hooked from the very first page.

And the other side of the coin…

This doesn’t work as a science fiction/fantasy novel nor gay romance. The world building was poor, the main character unlikable and psychotic.