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Not sure what to start with from my list of published books? How about getting a taste with a few free books?

We’re all bombarded with tons of books from authors we know or who are new to us, so a few quick free reads are the best way to test out a new to us author. I do it and I strongly encourage you to try my free books to get a feel of my writing style and the kind of stories I tell.

Free Books for VIP Readers

The first and easiest way to get free books and newsletter exclusives is to join my VIP Readers list. If you’re into Urban Fantasy, then join my Urban Fantasy VIP Readers List and you’ll get a free copy of my vampire novel The Edge of Hope. If LGBT Romance and Fiction are more your style of books, then join my VIP Readers here and you’ll receive a free copy of my gay military romance Mission: Protect the Ex.

The Edge of Hope vampire urban fantasy Mission: Protect the Ex Alina Popescu

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Free serial: Magic Unleashed

magic unleashed

If you enjoy fantasy gay romance, dark elves, and feline familiars, then you’ll love Magic Unleashed, my free serial that’s now at episode VIII. This story of magic and love is part of Free Fiction Friday and I try to post as much of it as I can. You can start your read with the first chapter – Absent Choice.

The plan for this serial is to always have it available on this blog, but, once I complete it, I intend to edit it and also release it in ebook format.

Here’s a full list of the already published chapters:

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home
Chapter III – Rules of the Game
Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through
Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day
Chapter VI – Herald of Doom
Chapter VII – Of Claims and Bonds
Chapter VIII – Enemies and Truths

Current Giveaways

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All Supernatural Giveaway

May 25th – June 25th 2018

42 free paranormal and fantasy books to choose from, including my very own The Edge of HopeClaim your free books here.