From Authors to Authors: How to Write Series and Serials

Let’s talk about how to write series and serials. We all love them, especially the well written ones. We all have at least one favorite, and we all would looove to have written at least one as such. But let’s face it, it’s not easy to get there.

First things first: series or serial?

A series is a number of stories where each of them is a standalone. Granted, they are placed in the same world, with more or less the same set of characters, but you don’t have to read the rest to understand what is happening in the book.

A serial is a collection of stories connected by a general arc and which you need to read in sequence. Each book can be considered a chapter in a larger story.

Both series and serials have their attraction and their fan base. I, myself, prefer serials, though I do read series on occasion. No matter what you’d rather write, please keep in mind that are some guidelines that should be followed.

Plan Ahead

Do you like to write out of sequence? You can still do it, but you should have at least an idea of where you would want your story to lead. This is specially important in the case of serials, though its something to take into consideration for series as well.

How to Write Series with Consistency

Standalone or not, consistency is vital. You cannot change certain aspects of the world or the characters. For instance, you cannot have the main character be a surgeon in one story and a police man in another. Or at least not without some serious juggling.

World Building

World building is another important aspect. For both series and serials, the world is vital. It is the backbone of any story and what glues the books together. No matter the genre, a well-developed world will add depth to the story and will draw the readers in. Not many people like 2 dimensional stories, so put time and thought into your world.


Perhaps this is the most obvious one, but it still bears mentioning. You cannot write a successful story without strong, well developed characters. Your characters need to fit the world and time frame and they need to have goals and motivations. They need to grow.


And last but not least: the dreaded cliffhanger. To do or do not? My advice would be not to end on a cliffhanger, though I have been guilty of breaking this rule. Most readers hate cliffhangers. They want everything tied up nicely by the end. In the case of a series, this is, or should be, easy to do. You just wrapped up everything. With serials, things get more complicated. The story arc needs to be clarified by the end of the serial, while the smaller ones, the ones covering each installment will have to come to a conclusion by the end of each book. Of course, this goes for any story, not only those that part of a set.

Happy writing!

I would love to read your thoughts on how to write series and serials, so please feel free to comment below.

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