Magic Unleasehd – Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through #FreeFictionFriday



Genre: gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, magic, light BDSM
Main characters: Eikki (spell caster) and Charis (familiar)
Blurb: coming soon! It entails magic, two stubborn men, and lots of steamy stuff (at least somewhere down the line)
Length: Anywhere between novella and novel ? Read and see!

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home
Chapter III – Rules of the Game

Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through

Own it? No, my want of him was my shame, something for me to hide, run away from. I could not be feeling this towards my captor. Charis, you stupid idiot! Use your magic to control your body. I remembered how it was done perfectly, how to hide in that place inside my mind where I was in full control over every cell in my body. I retreated there, drowning my moans and closing the door on the way his touch made my skin burn. It came to me so easily, it was the one technique I had immediately perfected. Mind over body, control your reactions, control your feelings…

There was no solace within me though, not this time. Even disconnected from my body, my mind yearned with lust. It frightened me, so I snapped out of my trance, falling back hard on all my senses. Eikki’s hand was pressing against my cock, enough for me to feel him, but not enough to relieve any of the pressure. I bit the pillow as I moaned, my hips pushing off the bed and then pressing my groin harder against his stubbornly unmoving hand. This is it, I’m completely screwed. 

All of a sudden, Eikki was gone. I missed his weight on me and his hand barely touching me, so I whimpered and whined, much like a lost puppy. I cringed at the sounds I made and buried my face deeper into the pillow. I wanted to scream and punch something, someone… to relieve the feeling of shame that overwhelmed me.

“Turn around, Kitty Cat,” Eikki whispered, although the command was clear in his tone. I obeyed before having a chance to analyze it. I rolled over, my hands still locked over my head, as he’d left them. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, so I trained my eyes on his feet. I saw the scarce clothing he was wearing pooling at his feet, and despite my better judgement, my gaze traced what he had uncovered. I looked up, along his strong thighs, stopping at his glistening cock that jutted upwards, then moved up over his abdomen and chest, following the movement of his tongue as it traced his full lips.

When I finally looked into his eyes, the mocking twinkle I expected was not there. All I could find was dark lust and it flooded my mind. His pupils were blown, yet somehow they did not darken his eyes, they made the violet of his irises burn brighter.

“Take off your clothes,” he said in the same tone, and I hurried to do as he’d told me.

“Are you a virgin, Kitty Cat?” he asked in a husky voice.

“P-pretty much,” I said as I lifted my hips and struggled to remove my trousers, then pushed up, kneeling in front of him, to take my tunic off. Wrong move,  I thought, as I was facing that considerable cock, mesmerized by the small bead of clear fluid pooling in his slit. I traced its path as it slid down his shaft and swallowed hard.

I was stunned, speechless and unable to even blink, barely breathing at the sight. The overwhelming need I’d felt since his first touch that evening grew until it hit the point of an impending explosion. With a shuddering sigh, I gave in. It was impossible to resist, probably had been since the moment I’d been thrown on Eikki’s bed. I closed my eyes and leant forward, scooping up the nectar with a tentative swipe of my tongue.

When the aroma registered, I was lost, addicted without any chance of recovery. It smelled and tasted manly, primal. But there was more, the taste felt to me like something the gods would fight anyone to have more of. A trace of magic, and all his essence, powerful and enticing. I moaned, my entire body shivering and immediately craving more. I latched onto his swollen cockhead, my own dick painfully hard, and just surrendered to what I needed.

Had I been less overwhelmed, I would have wondered if I was doing it right. It was, after all, my first time. That pretty much comment I’d made only covered some sloppy kisses and mutual hand jobs in my early teens. The moment my need had taken me, I’d stopped wanting anyone. I did not have enough presence of mind to think it though, so I grabbed his hips and took more of him into my mouth. I desperately needed to taste all of that enticing length. When he hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little, but quickly swallowed and relaxed, not wanting to disappoint him. I was terrified he’d make me stop and I didn’t think I could recover from that.

I had seen the look in some magic wielders’ eyes when they were hooked on the mushrooms brought from the Ellia forest. They were said to enhance one’s powers, and those who weren’t high-class users took them more often than they should have. That blank stare when they were already addicted, the determination to do anything to get more… I knew I’d look like that after tonight. All it had taken to get me there was that first taste of Eikki.

As more of his clear liquid flooded my senses, I moaned and groaned and sucked harder. I clung to every sign of pleasure I could feel from him. Shudders, moans, and finally the glorious way he grabbed my hair, helping me along as I bobbed on his shaft. His breath came in hard pants, and his grip tightened with every swirl of my tongue on his head. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I could feel the stretch of my lips and the slight pain in my jaw, but it did not matter. I needed to keep going.

“You’d better stop, Kitty Cat,” he said, trying to stop my movements. I shook my head stubbornly and carried on. I couldn’t stop any more than I could survive without breathing. Releasing one of his hips, I reached out to cup his balls. Feeling them taut and drawn up, I finally understood why he wanted me to stop. I was a bit scared, but not enough to let go of chasing my prize, a volcanic rush of the taste that would be my undoing.

Eikki gripped the back of my head and started thrusting, pushing his cock deeper down my throat. I moaned again, holding on to his hips for dear life. He shouted my name and then I felt the first spurt of come on my tongue. I shivered, my entire body on overdrive, and gulped it all down, wave after wave until he was spent.

When he released me, I looked into Eikki’s eyes, searching for some sign of approval. He’d climaxed, but had it been any good? Better than what he’d experienced before? I shuddered at my new found need to outplay all his past lovers and almost looked away. Eikki stopped me, his hand holding my face raised up as he slowly descended.

He slid down on his knees and bent his head to brush his lips over mine. It started with a barely there touch, then his lips and tongue started moving over my mouth until I was clinging to him, pushing my body into his and trembling uncontrollably. As our tongues danced together, I once more felt the heavy magical chains tightening around me. This time I did not fight them, too entranced by Eikki’s closeness. He wrapped me in his arm, deepening the kiss even more and when his groin touched my throbbing cock, I exploded. I screamed his name from the top of my lungs, panting and spasming. He held me close through the earthquake demolishing what used to be my body and lowered me to the bed when it was finally over.

I was in between awareness and the black shroud of oblivion, but I still felt a warm, wet cloth cleaning my body. Eikki pushed me higher on the bed and wrapped his larger body around mine. I stirred just enough to place a soft kiss on his collar bone and snuggle closer, and then all my energy was gone.

While my body shut down for the night, my mind was racing. I knew I belonged to him now, or at least my body did. Maybe even my soul. I would never give him my mind though, I knew what he was. I would never give in, not all the way through…

Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day

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