Magic Unleasehd – Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day #FreeFictionFriday


Genre: gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, magic, light BDSM
Main characters: Eikki (spell caster) and Charis (familiar)
Blurb: coming soon! It entails magic, two stubborn men, and lots of steamy stuff (at least somewhere down the line)
Length: Anywhere between novella and novel? Read and see!

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home
Chapter III – Rules of the Game
Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through

Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day

“You will feel better in the morning.” “Sleep on it.” The expectation of seeing things clearer in the “cold, hard light of day.” I’d never understood these concepts. They’d always been foreign to me. I didn’t feel better in the morning, I felt less. Less anger, less sadness, less desperation. Sure, my mind was rested, I could try searching for better solutions to the problems I was stuck with. But the light of day’s magical powers weren’t that far-reaching.

As if that lack of healing, fixing, and brightening abilities wasn’t disappointing enough, morning light’s effect of dulling my emotions had also disappeared.

I woke up to an empty bed, but Eikki’s presence still lingered. I could feel his scent, his energy, the ghost of his heat as he’d slept pressed against me. I felt just as trapped between what my body and soul were craving and what my mind was telling me. I had to preserve my mind’s freedom. I could not surrender that to my dark elf, no matter how much I wanted to. Wait, my dark elf? Since when had I started thinking of Eikki like that? All I wanted, when he was away from me long enough to catch a moment of a clear head, was to break free of these chains. Find a way to make him let me go, find a new spell caster in need of a familiar.

I sighed and pulled the covers over my head. That was impossible. A broken bond with a spell caster was stigma enough. A broken dark magic bond that had also been physical? No other magic user would want me. Not even other out-of-bond familiars. So be it! I’d go home and hope my parents didn’t throw me out. A life of solitude, it couldn’t be as bad as falling prey to dark magic, could it?

“You’re awake.” Eikki’s statement came from close by. He was probably standing by the bed, looking down on me. I couldn’t lie, he knew. As I felt him, he could feel me. This damned bond! It was evolving so fast. It took normal magic users long years to reach a point where they could feel their other. “Come, let’s eat something. We have much work to do today.”

I heard his footsteps taking him away from the room and pushed the covers off. I was still naked, and my cock was throbbing. Why? Why did his presence, the mere sound of his voice, turn me into this blabbering mess of want? I’d always hated having no control over my body. It felt like a failure to me. When body and mind were not on the same length, the mind had to get the body in line. That’s what I’d been taught all my life. I was a high-level magic user and a familiar. I couldn’t let my instincts alone rule me, not in my human form. It made for faster reactions, sharper senses, but not the most powerful of magic. Or the smartest of choices. The beast had to be tamed. A familiar’s first imperative.

After a quiet breakfast, Eikki told me to follow him. As his house was so far out of town, the nearby forest was only a few minutes’ walk away. Eikki lead me through the thick of it, away from beaten paths. He’d show me a deep red weed and teach me how to spot it, how to tell it apart from similar looking plants. We picked those weeds until he filled a small leather satchel. We repeated the ritual for a sheer white little flower that looked so weak, I thought it would disintegrate when I picked it, and a bright yellow mushroom found hidden in the rotten trunks of hollowed chestnuts.

When our bags were full, Eikki led the way back home. If he’d left me there, I would have been forced to shift to make my way out, despite my frequent attempts at keeping track of where we were. After long hours of boiling, distilling, and mixing, we were left with a dozen vials of a reddish-green liquid.

“Ah, there it is!” Eikki’s purple eyes shone with pleasure. “This will make it easier for you to learn. You’ll have better control of your new magical abilities.”

I took one of the vials and shook it a little. The scent of it hit me, bringing memories of the Ellia forest mushrooms that turned magic users into zombies. “What is this?” I yelled, throwing the vial against the wall. “Are you trying to bind me to a drug? Dark to your core, are you?”

“Kitty Cat!” I froze at the thundering use of my pet name. Eikki’s eyes burned with something that looked a lot like anger. “Do you really think so low of me? Even now? Can’t you tell, feel any better?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I could handle a lot of things, but I couldn’t bear the hurt painted so brightly on his face. Did I feel any different, now that our bond was slithering tighter around me? I gasped, my right hand flying to my mouth, my eyes popping open. It had somehow changed. Despite my stubbornness, my resolve to stay away from him as much as I could, to keep my mind clear… Despite all that, I trusted Eikki. With my life.

Eikki gave me a small smile and nodded. “I gathered as much.”

“Why? What are you doing to me?” I cringed at the whine in my voice. Or, in truth, at the accusation in my voice.

“In time, you’ll realize I have done nothing to you.” Eikki turned his back to me and walked to the nearest window, planting his hands on the sill. “Until that time comes, just know this. Whatever you’ve seen, that is just a cheap, Ellia replacement for what I’ve made you. Those mushrooms and this potion, they only become a problem to normal magic users. This is made for dark magic. You drink it without having any, and you turn into a mindless zombie, wasting riches on those damned tree elves of Ellia.”

“Did I get my dark magic from you?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes.

The day, however, brought another disappointment. “No, you were born with it.”

Chapter VI – Herald of Doom

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad to see your story starting back up again! I really enjoyed the first four chapters, and am intrigued to see where this one will lead. I’ll have to try some of your other work, in the meantime. Thank you!

    • Alina Popescu says:

      Thanks so much for reading, Jennifer! Yeah, it took me forever, I am sorry. if it helps, I did release about three books in the mean time, and a few short stories 😀 I do intend to write a lot more often and finish this serial sometime this year.

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