Magic Unleashed – Chapter 3 – Rules of the Game #FreeFictionFriday



Genre: gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, magic, light BDSM
Main characters: Eikki (spell caster) and Charis (familiar)
Blurb: coming soon :D
Length: Anywhere between novella and novel 😀 Read and see!

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home

Chapter III – Rules of the Game

I woke up with a start, my instincts telling me to jump out of bed and just run. I was about to do just that when a strong hand moved from my thigh to my waist and locked me in place, accompanied by a sleepy growl. “Not yet, Kitty Cat,” Eikki mumbled and proceeded to flatten me on my belly. He then snuggled into me, half on top, his head resting on my shoulder blade. I could feel the rise and fall of his chest as he drifted back to sleep, his silky skin caressing mine and making me shiver.

I needed to get out of there, being so close to him was dangerous. I knew what the Dark Elf was. Evil, cunning, my captor. I could not allow myself to believe anything else of him, think of him as being like me just because he held me close as he slept. My body had other ideas though, and I knew if I did not break free, he’d soon smell the change in my disposition.

I slowly slid out of the bed, trying to be quiet, and not taking my eyes off his face. I thought I’d spot any frown or change in his breathing if I moved slowly enough. His eyes popped open just as I was trying to walk away, bright violet hues trained on me.

“What did I say, Kitty Cat?” He pushed off the covers, lifting his upper body from the pillows. His dark locks framed his face, still beautiful and perfect, and now void of any trace of sleepiness.

I shrugged and looked away. “I just couldn’t sleep anymore.”

“Did I tell you to go back to sleep?” he asked, standing up right in front of me.

“You said not yet.”

“Exactly!” he said, his voice steady and commanding. “I said that when you moved away. You get out of bed when I say you can, got it?”

I nodded before processing what he was saying. When the fight returned to me, he had already walked away. I sighed and thought I’d better get dressed. Not that clothes could offer protection, but I had this idea that being fully clothed was a much better way to deal with him.

I retraced my steps from last night and with a little help from the aroma swirling its way towards me, I found the kitchen. Eikki was already busy frying some meat and eggs. He was bent over the pots on the stove, his muscles rippling under his golden skin when he moved. He was wearing nothing but the soft linen breeches he had slept in and those left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Despite my better judgment, my eyes roamed that perfect body of his, taking in every enticing detail. Dark Elves were the most powerful, but also the most beautiful of their kind. It was probably one of their many devices to lure people in and trap them. Such perfection could only be deceiving.

“Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to help?” I couldn’t be sure, but I felt amusement in his tone.

“What do you need me to do?” I answered eagerly, then berated myself in my head.

“Slice some of that cheese,” he said, pointing to it with the spoon he used to scoop up the scrambled eggs, his back still to me. “Then cut a few tomatoes and cucumbers. There are grapes next to them too, set them on the cheese plate.”

I did as I was told while munching on the grapes. They looked so good, I just couldn’t help it. The kitchen was filled with delicious smells and my stomach growled in response.

“Almost done,” Eikki said, turning to me holding two large dishes filled with eggs and meat which I supposed was pork. He was smirking, his violet eyes full of mischief, and all I did was shrug and stick my tongue out.

Eikki chuckled and shook his head. He dropped the plates on the table. It was a long, wide one, made of oak and filled with baskets of fruit and vegetables, plates of cheese, and fresh bread. I could feel the magic protecting them from deteriorating and wondered if there was anything Eikki did without the help of a little magic. Then again, why would he?

We ate in silence. Well, he did, I was too busy moaning and groaning at the exquisite taste. It was a quite simple meal, yet it was the best breakfast I’d ever had. I almost said something to that extent, but Eikki’s smoldering gaze stopped me and made me choke on my food. He simply laughed and handed me a glass of water. Even that tasted better at his house.

“Come, we have much work to do,” he said, standing up and extending his hand. I instinctively took it, then wondered why I had to be led around by the hand, like a toddler. I kept my scorn to myself though, something told me Eikki would not be too happy if I complained too much.

He walked me to the library and my mood immediately changed to something a lot lighter. I was thrilled to start reading through his books and I couldn’t hide my smile. Eikki turned to face me and touched his forehead to mine, his eyes boring into me. The gold specs in his deep violet eyes were mesmerizing. They shone and they moved following a complicated pattern around his pupils.

“This library does not work like any other. It has a mind of its own and knows what you should read and when. As you walk through it, hold your hand up and feel each book. If it has no knowledge to impart, you will feel nothing. If you feel a pleasant buzz, you should pick it up and read it. If it burns, don’t try to open it, the library won’t let you.”

I smiled at the thought of such a library. It was an enhanced version of my instructors’ from the Tower. And a little burning sensation sounded a lot better than the crop connecting with my outstretched hand.

“Can I start now?”

He laughed at my impatience and nodded. “You have much to learn. Your knowledge of magic is stunted and we won’t be able to blend our powers properly until we correct that.” Eikki sighed and turned his back to me. I could see and feel the tension in his shoulders and wondered why he was so upset.

“These so called wise men of Zalmos have their familiars come to these Choosing ceremonies, but they have no idea what they face.”

I tended to agree with him. I hadn’t known his dark magic would enslave me, force me to choose him.

“You will learn, Kitty Cat. And when you do, you’ll understand who and what you’ve chosen.” His voice sounded ominous, his promise more like a curse than anything else. I shivered and took a step back, but just then he smiled at me. A genuine, warm curving of his lips that made his eyes glow. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”

The library started me off with books on nature. I huffed and rolled my eyes at first, but quickly realized the books explored worlds I did not know. I hadn’t traveled far from Zalmos and all the books in the Tower’s library seemed to focus on our little world. The library took me to Faery, to lands where shifters were the dominant species, to the home of elves and that of dwarfs, exploring their plant life and the fauna surrounding them.

I should have felt disheartened at realizing how little I knew. Yet all I could feel was excitement and determination to correct that. The Dark Elf made sure I ate throughout the day. Small snacks, but everything exquisite and nurturing. It was probably the magic in it, as otherwise, I could not explain how a bit of bread and cheese, or some cold meat, or fruit could keep me sated.

The hardest part of it was having Eikki nearby. He was reviewing new books he’d acquired, cataloguing them and casting spells to blend them with his library. He seemed to be perfectly happy running around half naked, but I wasn’t.

He was distracting me in the worst way possible, my eyes always drifting from the lines of faded text to the planes of his torso, following the coil and relaxation of every muscle. Eikki was enthralling. Beautiful, sinfully so, captivating, dangerous. And I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame.

“Stand up,” Eikki said, and I only then realized it was dark outside.

“Just a while longer,” I said, waving him off and returning to my reading.

The book flew out of my hands, landing on Eikki’s desk. I was next, yanked up from my chair and spun around. He planted his hands on my hips and walked me briskly out of the library and up the stairs.

“The rules here are simple. I tell you what to do and you comply,” he growled and I shivered as the vibrations ran through my body.

The next thing I knew, I was thrown on the bed, face down, and Eikki was on top of me. My arms were clasped in the grip of one of his hands, while his other caressed my thigh.

“You’ve been staring at me all day. Your lust is like lightning, it stirs mine and it drives me wild.”

“I didn’t,” I mumbled, the words muffled by the soft pillows under me. Even to my ears, the protest was meek.

“Oh, really,” he laughed huskily and nuzzled the back of my neck. I moaned in response, to my eternal mortification. “Time to own it, Kitty Cat!”

Chapter 4 – Not all the Way Through

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