Magic Unleashed – Chapter VI – Herald of Doom #FreeFictionFriday


Genre: gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, magic, light BDSM
Main characters: Eikki (spell caster) and Charis (familiar)
Blurb: coming soon! It entails magic, two stubborn men, and lots of steamy stuff (at least somewhere down the line)
Length: Anywhere between novella and novel? Read and see!

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home
Chapter III – Rules of the Game
Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through
Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day

Chapter VI – Herald of Doom

“You were born with it.” The words were still plaguing my mind long after they’d been spoken. It had been long days that bled into each other. Meals and potion, books and learning, mixing my own concoctions or trailing after Eikki as we searched for this plant or that through the woods. At night, Eikki held me as we slept, naked skin pressed against mine, driving me wild. I fell asleep and woke up in much the same state. Sad, aroused, and confused.

I knew there were different strands of magic running through any family’s bloodline, but how could I have dark magic? More than a long-lost spark, buried deep within the makeup of my powers? I tried to think back to whom in my family had been tainted by this curse. I couldn’t tell. Did I really have that much, or was a dusty little remnant be enough? I could have asked Eikki, but we hadn’t exchanged more than a few words since that argument. I hadn’t apologized and he’d kept his distance from me. His dark aura following him around the house, tightening the grip around my heart. He looked hurt. Not angry or disappointed, just hurt.

I sighed and rested my head on my open book. I’d moved to magic history and while interesting, this wasn’t the most exciting read. The books were nothing more than speculation on the birth of magic. How different beings from such varied environments had developed such powers was still a mystery. That stopped no one from speculating. I looked forward to reaching a point where history was more interesting, where we had more accounts and grimoires that had survived. Once the various types of magic had emerged, writing down spells and experimenting with what spell casters could do. Less speculation, more knowledge.


The house trembled with the power of the shout for Eikki’s name. Despite its strength, the voice sounded sweet. I lifted my head and my eyes fell on the elf in question who was sitting in a chair on the other side of the table.

Eikki sighed and threw the book on the table, crossing his arms and lifting one leg to prop it on the armrest of his chair.

“Aren’t you going to greet your guest?”

Eikki rolled his eyes. “He knows his way around. Besides, he wasn’t invited.”

The library door burst open and another Dark Elf strode in, all beautiful and graceful. His violet eyes, void of Eikki’s golden specks, were alight with pleasure. He made a beeline for Eikki, and kissed him full on the lips. “Eikki, darling. Always hiding in this dusty old place.”

A low growl rumbled in my chest, but the stranger didn’t even twitch. What was he doing, putting his hands on Eikki’s shoulders? Kissing him like that? He couldn’t! He wasn’t allowed.

Wait? He wasn’t allowed? Why was that? Even as my brain was going insane, my growl never let up. The man scowled and turned to face me, his eyes narrowed to violet slits. “Hush, pussy cat. Sit back in your chair and let us be.”

“Arris,” Eikki warned, pushing his hands away. “You will address my familiar properly.”

“Your familiar?” Arris huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Yes,” Eikki pushed through gritted teeth. “Charis here chose me,”

Arris tilted his head and looked at me, a quick dart of his eyes, more dismissive than the disgusted grimace on his face. “A Tower kid. Really? Oh, Eikki, how have the greats fallen. What the hell do you need a familiar for?”

“None of your business. It’s done and you won’t disrespect me by treating him with such disdain.”

Arris clicked his tongue and sat on Eikki’s lap. He crossed his legs and bore into me, his eyes cold and unforgiving. He took a deep breath and tilted his head back, eyes closed. He seemed to be sensing the air, reading us both. I felt the prodding of his magic and did my best to keep it at bay.

Arris’ head snapped back in place, his eyes wide and a mad laughter bubbling out of him. “Lies, Eikki. There is no bond.”

“Move,” Eikki said, pushing Arris unceremoniously off his lap. He took a few steps to reach me and kneeled in front of me. My eyes turned to him, and the sudden lack of vibration in my chest told me I’d been growling all along.

Eikki caressed my face and smiled. “No need for that, Kitty Cat.”

“Yes, no need to growl or pee all over him, pussy cat. He’s not yours. For some reason, he hasn’t completed the bond. What you forced onto him by choosing him will fade as quickly as it happened.” Arris snapped his fingers on that last quip, a nasty grin twisting his face.

By all objective definition, Arris was as beautiful and perfect as Eikki was. He seemed ugly to me, like he’d been born of doom and nothing good followed where he went. Cruel even when he smiled, mean and aggressive, he was nothing like Eikki.

“Arris, shut your mouth or I will rip it off.”

I jumped at Eikki’s words. That was right, Arris had said something. What had it been? That I wasn’t bonded to Eikki. That he hadn’t completed the bond.

“Charis. Kitty Cat, look at me!” Eikki’s soft plea was too much. I closed my eyes and tears trailed down my cheeks. It hurt that I’d been rejected. Arris had said I’d chosen Eikki, but that wasn’t true. I’d had no choice.

What did I care though? I was free now. For some reason, Eikki didn’t truly want me. He’d never actually bonded me, no matter what official papers said. I’d finally gotten what I wanted. I was free of him. Why did it hurt then?

“Please look at me.” Eikki’s hushed voice only made the pain worse. He brushed my tears away and my skin stung where he’d touched it. All lies. All he’d said to me. That I was his. That we were bonded. What else had he lied about?

I stood and moved away from them both. Without thinking, I took my feline form, the black panther that was so much stronger than my frail human body. Eikki tried to follow me, but I scratched the air and hissed at him. Don’t follow, I said through the fake bond we shared. He must have heard me though, because he closed his eyes and sighed, but nodded.

Arris laughed and clapped his hands. “That’s right, pussy, tuck your tail between your legs and scram.”

Faster than I’d ever been able to, I jumped over chairs and table and fell right on top of Arris’ chest pinning him to the ground. Even with all his dark magic, I could rip his throat open before he chanted the most basic of spells. I growled and hissed, almost feeling the taste of his evil blood on my tongue. He’d brought me the most terrible of news. That the man I’d been forced into bonding, stumbled into trusting, had been lying to me all along. Dark Elves, rotten all of them. What was this one to me? Maybe I should just end his miserable life all the same. Who said messengers had any more worth after delivering their poisonous news?

Chapter VII – Of Claims and Bonds

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the installment! I’ve been looking forward to finding out what happens with Eikki and Charis for months; I can’t wait to find out what they’ll do next.

    • Alina Popescu says:

      Awww, thank you so much Jennifer! I am so thrilled to hear that (although I also want to run and hide in shame :D) I will do my best to keep up with my self imposed every other Friday schedule. If I pull that off, I’ll bring it back to every Friday 😀

  2. BeachGal84 says:

    I just found you and I love Eikki & Charis, although if I had started in 2015 and then had to wait a year for the next chapter I would probably be chewing nails and thinking unkind thoughts. BUT then I procrastinate worse than anybody I know. I’m in good company at least. Thanks for sharing the story and on pins & needles for next chapter.

    • Alina Popescu says:

      Hahaha the unkind thoughts would be more than understandable. I am trying my best to do everything according to a schedule this year. So far, it’s worked pretty well, so I hope the same will be true for this story. Two chapters per month is not that much, so I should not let another year pass before I publish the new instalment.

  3. Jo says:

    Was wondering when he was going to shift! Awesome, and that Aris dude deserved it! Loving this story!

    • Alina Popescu says:

      So glad to hear that! Yeah, he needed to take his cat form at some point. He is a familiar after all 😀

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