Magic Unleashed – Chapter VII – Of Claims and Bonds #FreeFictionFriday


Genre: gay romance, gay fiction, fantasy, magic, light BDSM
Main characters: Eikki (spell caster) and Charis (familiar)
Blurb: coming soon! It entails magic, two stubborn men, and lots of steamy stuff (at least somewhere down the line)
Length: Anywhere between novella and novel? Read and see!

Chapter I – Absent Choice
Chapter II – What Makes a Home
Chapter III – Rules of the Game
Chapter IV – Not all the Way Through
Chapter V – Cold, Hard Light of Day
Chapter VI – Herald of Doom


“Charis, stop!”

Eikki’s words broke through the red haze of anger. I growled and jumped off the pile of filth I’d be sitting on top of and turned to scream at him. No, panthers don’t roar, but we could scream, hiss, and growl just fine. And our dark fur and sharp, long teeth were menacing enough on their own. Eikki didn’t seem to fear me. He stood there, strong and unmoving, his eyes boring into mine. My tail wiping the air, my paws thrumming with tension, I left. I ran out of the house Eikki had brought me to, I jumped over the wall of the city, and made my way through the forest surrounding it.

It was lively here. Birds, critters, other mages wandering about, looking for herbs or pleasure. I avoided them all and headed further into the thick woods, looking for solace. I wasn’t bonded to Eikki. The news shouldn’t have hurt. I was free. Free to return home. Free to choose someone else. This would not be a case of broken bonds. Some lowly magic user might still want me, even after spending time in the house of a Dark Elf.

Yet whenever I thought of leaving Eikki for good, by heart and stomach twisted in an unfamiliar pain. Why? I wasn’t bound to him or his home. I wasn’t his familiar, as Arris had said. Then why did I feel his ghost touch all over my body, remembering how he held me through the night? Why did the notion of never looking into those violet eyes make me want to howl in pain? I wasn’t his. He wasn’t mine.

His? Mine? What was I talking about? This was supposed to be a magical union, no possession involved, just a sharing of magical power, a blend of energies that would lead to higher level spells and other wonderful discoveries. Why was I acting like an abandoned lover? It wasn’t normal. It wasn’t healthy. Maybe it was a blessing I could leave.

Even if I wanted to stay, I no longer could. Eikki had lied to me. He’d said we were bonded. Hadn’t he?

I thought back to our time together. So many instances of him telling me I had no understanding of dark magic, of how such a bond worked. Had he actually said we were bonded? I wasn’t sure anymore. Still, he’d known. He must have known what I believed. And he’d let me stray further in my belief that we were, in fact, bonded for life. I had chosen him, even if it hadn’t been a willing choice. I had stood in front of the entire city of Zalmos and named him as my chosen. And it had all been a lie.

Light shuffling of feet caught my attention. My ears twitched as I tried to locate the source. I huffed and rested my head on my crossed front paws. I told you not to follow. 

Eikki’s sigh came from somewhere closer. Faint, but I heard it. “I don’t think you truly wanted me to stay there with Arris.”

I growled at the mention of that devil’s name. Eikki chuckled, which earned him a hiss. He ignored it and came to sit next to me, his hand petting the back of my neck.

You lied to me. 

“I didn’t. I wanted to let you discover it all for yourself. I told you, haven’t I? You have no clue what this sort of bond entails.”

Tell me. 

“Change back to your human form.”

I turned my head away from him. I couldn’t have this conversation in my human form. My human form was weak and emotional. My human form couldn’t maul or bite its way through my enemies. My human form was too weak when Eikki was around.

“Charis, please. I’d rather not have this conversation with a panther.”

It’s still me. Just another facet of who I am. 

“It’s a shield. A mask, if you will. You are hiding, Kitty Cat, and I won’t have that.”

I shifted, placing my large head on his knee and rubbing against it. You ask too much of me. 

Eikki nodded. “I know. But you are strong enough to give it.”

I shifted as Eikki asked, but I didn’t move. I quite liked staying like this, my head on his thigh. I liked how his hand felt, cool as it scratched my scalp.

“Better,” Eikki said. He bent and kissed my forehead. “What do you want to know?”

“Why aren’t we bonded?”

Eikki pulled on my hair until I looked up into his eyes. “We are.”

“But Arris–”

“Arris talks too much, and it’s not always the truth that comes out of his mouth. And if I am not mistaken, he said I haven’t completed the bond, not that it does not exist.”

I frowned and pushed myself up. I held onto Eikki’s thighs with both hands and stared into his eyes. “I don’t understand.”

“The only thing in common that a dark magic bond has with a normal one is that it is for life.”

I tilted my head, my eyes trained on him. I hoped he’d give me more, it wasn’t making much sense.

“Dark magic demands everything. I would not be a mere spell caster to you. I’d be your everything. Lover, friend, home.”

I scrunched my nose and shook my head. “I thought being lovers was a fluke. Other spell casters always looked down on familiars who became entangled with their chosen.”

“It’s rare outside of dark magic bonds. And the reason behind their behavior was envy.”


“Don’t you know bonds like that are stronger?”

I shrugged. No, I truly had no clue.

“It is frowned upon because many spell casters used it to harness more power from their familiars. Deceived or downright abducting unwilling familiars.”

I gasped and covered my mouth with both hands. Unwilling? Forced to become their spell caster’s lovers? That must have been horrible.

Eikki seemed calm. Too calm for what he was describing. “Do you know, dark mages can break any bond? If they are powerful enough, anyone wielding dark magic can break the strongest of bonds. It’s child’s play when abuse is involved.”

“How do you know?”

Eikki closed his eyes, his head falling forward. “I was always strong, using magic at the highest level even as a child. My mother died at the hands of some crazed Forest Elves. They tortured her, cut her up, and tried to drain her of her powers. I was always inclined to help anyone who fell prey to magic users. I have helped quite a few familiars break out of their bonds and seek refuge away from their chosen.”

He pulled me close. Before he cradled me in his arms, I hadn’t realized I’d been shaking. “You must understand, I never want to force you into anything. If I ever feel you’d rather be rid of me, I’ll break our bond and never complete it.”

“What would it be like. If… if you complete the bond?”

“You’d be mine, forever. And I’d be yours. No one else. We’d always come first, no matter what we’re tallied against.”

I sighed and buried my face in the crook of his neck. It sounded scary. I did not want to have so much of my life depend on someone else. But the relief I’d felt when Eikki had said we were truly bonded, even if not completely, could not be denied. Nor the sinking feeling I got when I thought of leaving him and going back home. When had I gotten so used to him that I had trouble imagining my life without him? It hadn’t been that long. Weeks. Only a few short weeks.


Eikki chuckled. “So, you can do that in your human form as well?”

I can with you. Never tried it before you. 

“Kitty Cat, the moment we become lovers, the bond is sealed.”

“Unbreakable?” I retreated into myself, waiting for the reply.

“No bond is unbreakable.”

I should have been relieved. But all I felt was sadness. I latched onto him and stayed like that for the longest time. When I’d recovered enough to stop clinging to him, I tried to move away. Eikki stopped me, maybe he needed the closeness as well.

“Why does that displease you, Kitty Cat? Knowing an eventual bond between us can be broken?”

“I don’t know.” I sighed and closed my eyes, shutting everything else but Eikki along with the sunlight.

“You are surprisingly honest with me these days.” He leaned his head on top of mine, but I could feel his smile, see it in my mind’s eye.

“I am as surprised as you are. By everything. How hearing I had no claim on you made me feel, how I wanted to rip that bastard’s throat out. How my soul shakes when you tell me we could be broken apart. I don’t understand it, but whenever I think of such things, I feel I can’t breathe.”

Eikki pushed himself free and cupped my face. His lips descended on mine, the kiss brief and light. “You have a claim, Kitty Cat. I came there thinking there would be no one to share my brand of magic. And there you were, blissfully unaware. I hoped you’d choose me. I wanted you to look at me and never look away. The only reason I am not sealing this bond once and for all is that I need you to want this. I need you to want me to lay claim on you, choose you like you’ve chosen me.”

I frowned and he rubbed the crease with his thumb. “Why then?”

“Why what?”

“Why did it feel like chains were closing around me when I chose you. Like it wasn’t my will. I felt I had no choice but to say your name.”

Eikki sighed. “I don’t know why dark bonds work like that. It’s always been your choice. I think it’s your own magic pointing you to your best choice. And resisting any other poorer options.”

“I thought–”

“I know what you thought,” Eikki said, bitter and cold. I now understood why that had been so offensive, my claiming he’d forced me.

“I’m sorry.” I leaned closer and kissed his cheek. “Can we go home now? I’m hungry.”

Eikki laughed, his violet eyes dancing with gold sparkles. “We can go wherever you want, Kitty Cat. If it’s home you want to go, we will. Just do me a favor and don’t kill Arris.”

The growl rattled my chest, my panther simmering just under the surface. “You mean he hasn’t crawled back into the hole he came out of?”

Eikki smirked and pulled me over his lap, our bodies so close his heat almost burning me. “I think I will keep him around a little longer.”

“To torment me? Evil bastard.”

Eikki grabbed my hips and pressed our groins closer together. I shuddered at the touch of our cocks and moaned, slumping in his arms. “To motivate you. To see this possessive streak of yours emerge again.”

Evil. Eikki was evil. Not in the rotten way Arris was. He was evil nonetheless. But I didn’t want to run from it anymore.

Next Chapter:

Chapter VIII – Enemies and Truths


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