#SnippetSunday – Meet Shayla of Witches and Other Misfits

I’ve been teasing the Witches and Other Misfits series for a while now. I told you a little bit about my protagonist, Shayla, and how antisocial my witch is. Today it’s time to tease you even further with a little snippet 😀 I got the idea from Clare Kauter and the many authors posting Snippet Sunday posts, so blame them 😀 The excerpt I’m sharing for today is from the first book in this series, which is Blood Magic. But before that, let’s get to know Shayla a little better and find out what this first book of Witches and Other Misfits is about!

Blood Magic, Witches and Other Misfits 1 – Blurb

***This is a working blurb, so I might alter it for the actual release. I kind of love it, so if you want me to keep it, then let me know in the comments!

I’m Shayla and I don’t play well with others.

Witches, humans, demons, if they roam the earth, they get on my nerves. I handle them all with a quick spell: cast the first one I think of to send them packing.

I don’t do lovers. I tried it once and it bit me in the ass. Literally. I reluctantly do friends, I maybe have one or two. It helps their case if they’re willing to add benefits to the mix.

When one of those rare gems is brutally murdered in my own club, well, things get deadly.

I’ll use whoever I must to avenge my friend. Halflings and misfits, family and other blood ties, nothing is sacred in my pursuit. Whoever steps between me and my target will only have themselves to blame for the pain I’m about to inflict.

Snippet Sunday: Blood Magic, Witches and Other Misfits Book 1

I stop at the crossing. The darkened street, wet form the rain, reflects the red glow of the traffic light. I don’t much care about what that color tells me to do this late at night. I can move along, no cars in sight. Yet I freeze there, chills down my spine, hairs standing on end. I press my lips together and clench my fists. It’s quiet. Too quiet.

The bouncers guarding the entrance of the Witches’ Brew haven’t spotted me yet. I stare at them, tilting my head. There isn’t much nature here, but I have my little baggie of earth, water, and animal essences. I touch it and magic shifts within, heightening my eyesight. Every few seconds, they look at the large, black doors that separate my night club from the rest of the world. They snarl, unable to control their shifter instincts, twitching at every passing gust of night breeze. Why do they fidget like that? What’s inside?

The lack of thumping music, muffled yet normally loud enough for me to guess the song while still outside, rattles me. Something’s wrong.

One of the bouncers spots me and his eyes widen. He opens and closes his mouth while he taps his buddy’s shoulder to get his attention.

On any normal night, I love the look of fear on those I have to interact with. It keeps them at bay and I love not being bothered by idiots. But these particular idiots work for the club. They are here to protect it for me and they look scared shitless.

I push my body to move and it takes all my determination to achieve that simple task. Somethin’s not right here. I know. My senses and instincts shout it at me. Walk away. Turn and run. Don’t go any further.

I can’t listen to nonsense. My heels clicking on the sleek pavement break the silence, exposing the lack of other sounds. Familiar sounds. Music from inside, whispers from the club goers smoking outside. The creaks and thumps of the doors being open and closed. The club is quiet and still. On a weeknight.

What’s the time, I wonder? Can’t be later than 3am. The supes should be crawling around here about now. Especially the nocturnals. Where have all the predators fled to? I normally can’t get rid of them without physically throwing them out at 5am.

When I reach them, the two shifters look down. As they tower over me, they also avert their eyes to make sure there is no contact.

“What happened?”

One of them, I don’t even know his name, shakes his head.

“You’d better go inside and see,” his buddy says, his voice cracking. He swears under his breath and spits, turning his head to the side. Was that a curse?

I stare at the mountain of a man until he meets my eyes. He winces and drops his gaze. I can’t tell whether he’s afraid, disgusted, or both. Neither heralds good fortunes.

When will Blood Magic Be Released?

I don’t have a clear date, but it will be late 2018. Until then, I’ll keep posting little snippets here and there. If you’d like to be the first to know when the book is out, then I suggest you sign up for my urban fantasy newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll get a free copy of The Edge of Hope, which is the first book in a vampire urban fantasy series, Bad Blood. I should also say that the worlds of these two series are connected, as you’ll find out at the very end of book three, the Fall of Darkness, which will be released in a few days. So I suggest you start reading, so you’re up to date by the time Blood Magic is out 😀

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