Meet the Character: Anthony (Bad Blood trilogy)

You’ve all seen him on the cover of The Edge of Hope, the first book of the Bad Blood series! Anthony is striking indeed. Also a vampire. I thought you’d like to know him a little better. He is quite the bad boy, and up to a point, the villain of the story.

From Alexa’s perspective, what he does is lure her in with his charm, and then use her in his devious baseborn vampire plans. He’s vile, selfish, cruel, and sometimes funny and sarcastic in an unexpected way. Even after completely breaking her trust (and her heart, even if she claims to never having loved him), Anthony has no qualms about trying to get in Alexa’s pants again. And throughout her relationship with Louis, he makes sure she gets to hear his opinion on the two lovebirds: it ain’t gonna last – that’s the gist of it.

There’s always quite a bit hidden behind everyone’s facade, and Anthony is no exceptions. If you’ve already read book two, The Breaking of Bonds then you might have guessed some of it. Bottom line, there’s more to Anthony that meets the eye, and his less cruel and selfish side will conveniently be revealed in book three, The Fall of DarknessAnd while we’re discussing hot Anthony, I should tell you the release date for book three is February 14, 2016 (Valentine’s Day next year). Yes, slight delay from end of November, but it will be worth it! I know because the amazing Patricia has shown me a bit of the new cover 😀

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But back to our boy, Anthony. While I loved Louis at the time of writing him and completely adored Seth, Anthony is my weak spot for some reason. No clue why, but damn, I love that pouty, snarky, loud mouth of a vampire to bits! When you read book three, it’s paramount you remember how much I love him. Trust me on that, as you read, keep telling yourself that I love Anthony. That will explain a lot of what’s going on.

Right, time for some Anthony quotes (or quotes about him)!

Here’s Alexa’s first thoughts on Anthony after seeing his photo, where he is described as having “onyx eyes, raven-black hair, and full lips.”

Anthony had the sort of smile that said “I know every woman and gay man wants me. I’m even making straight ones fall in love with me”, along with the dose of smugness and cruelty such knowledge comes with. He was also wearing a leather jacket, tight shirt, and tight jeans in the photo, as if they wanted groupies and not just readers.

And here’s their first encounter:

“Alexa, over here!”
I turned and saw him on one of the armchairs in the lobby. He was wearing faded jeans and a white button-down shirt, and he had that very same smile I had noticed in his photo. The only difference was that he looked so much better in real life. I felt like jumping around him like any self-respecting groupie would do right after asking for a rock star’s autograph. Instead, I went for a neutral smile. Well, I hoped it was neutral.
“Hello, Anthony. Nice to meet you!” I said, holding out my hand.
“Likewise,” he said. Or, at least, I thought that was what he said. His touch was electrifying, melting all my coolness. But I was good with appearances when I had to be and I could have sworn he never even noticed.

Charming, right? And he can be very romantic!

“Oh, I love this song!” I heard myself saying while walking by a small bar where Ayo was begging Down on Her Knees. It somehow reminded me of home, of old friends, and hot chocolate in Bucharest cafés.
“We shouldn’t waste it then,” he said in a low, slightly husky voice. I felt his hand on mine, stopping me and turning me to face him.
“What? Here? In the street?”
“Why not?”
I was either too happy, too tired, or too intoxicated because of the sweet cocktails I had been drinking, but I couldn’t find a reason not to. We started dancing in the street, moving too slowly for that particular song, while other party people were walking past us, smiling and pointing in our direction.
He was staring into my eyes and I couldn’t make myself look away. His burning gaze, the savage locks of hair falling on his face, his body so close to mine, and the general intimacy of the moment made me feel powerless. It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time, and I felt relieved when the song ended. Something about Anthony made all of my alarms go off. There was much potential for my getting hurt in the time we spent together. I knew it might be just my fear talking, given everything that had happened in the past year, but if there was one thing I had learned it was to trust my instincts. They were telling me to run.
Instead, I smiled and thanked him for the dance, turning to our car which had just pulled up.

Later on, his true nature is revealed, in a none-too-considerate display:

I did. I could barely make out his shape in the dark, but the moment his eyes turned green and started to shine, it was unmistakable. They looked like those of a wild cat, glowing in an untamed way. I immediately started shivering and no attempt to think of Vin Diesel as Riddick managed to quench any of the alarms that went off in my head. It’s Anthony, just Anthony. It will be alright, I kept thinking. Why the hell would I be afraid?
“That feeling you are experiencing right now, the need to run away or grab some weapon, is only natural.”
His voice sounded cold and foreign, completely changed. It made my uneasiness even worse.
“What the hell is this?” I heard myself asking in a feeble, shaky voice.
“A demonstration.”
In a split second, he was next to me, holding my left wrist up, close to his face. His glowing green eyes stopped my breath for a moment and I felt my throat and mouth go as dry as the desert. While his gaze was paralyzing, it was the fangs that made my heart run wild. He suddenly bit my wrist and I screamed. It hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt. I don’t know how long he sucked my blood for. I only felt the hurt and the panic and a sudden urge
to reach out for the chairs and smack him with whatever I could grab. That was when I noticed my right hand was pushed up behind my back and I was leaning on him for support.
He stopped and looked at me, blood dripping down his lower lip. He licked my wound and with a low voice whispered, “Now you know what I am.”

Things go downhill from here, with Anthony thinking it’s a great idea to follow up on a rough sex encounter with life threats and a vile behavior that makes Alexa feel he sees her as her property. You guessed right, that’s not the lowest point, he gets a lot worse throughout book one, and quite a bit through book two. I know, I know, I still love him though. And he can be funny at times!

Exhibit A

“Oh, sweet Alexa, what have you become?” There was awe in his voice, and something
that sounded a lot like pride. Fucker!
“Your worst nightmare,” I answered in a hoarse voice.
“Oh, you really don’t know the stuff in my nightmares!” Anthony grinned wickedly and
it made me want to drive my fist through his face, hold his brain in my hand and pull it out.
“Now, now, don’t be angry just because I love a woman who can shatter me to pieces!”
“This woman is also something she never wanted to be and blames you for it!” I snarled,
stalking closer.
“Yes, true,” he said with unwarranted ease. “But she also loves the taste of blood and
makes killing seem like child’s play. You, love, are ruthless!” His eyes widened and his grin
curled his lips even more.

And Exhibit B

“I love what you’re wearing,” he said, grinning ear to ear.
“I’m not here for pleasantries, Anthony!”
“I don’t really care, babe! But I have to say, I did not imagine he could see you like this
and go through all that tedious conversation with you!”
I arched a brow and smirked. “Was it fun for you to listen to a private conversation?”
He shrugged, digging into one of the bags. “A lot more fun than Anhubis! Making him
feel powerless and seeing his head ready to explode gets a bit boring after the first few

And Exhibit C

“Congratulations, Anthony! You got something, that’s true. You pissed off all the
trueborns, including the one who masterminded all this.”
“I did, didn’t I?” he said, chuckling. “I was always very good at driving everyone crazy
and turning them against each other. And this time, all I had to do was tell the truth. Now the
Council will be very busy trying to figure out which one of them plotted against their
precious rule of Earth.”
“Too bad distracting them won’t matter much now that you’ve gotten my attention!”
“You say it as if it’s a bad thing! I have been trying very hard to get your attention,

Be honest, aren’t you just dying to see what he’s up to in book three, The Fall of Darkness?


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