Monday Progress Report: Knee Deep in Bad Blood and Br0th3rly Happy Dancing

Hey, I am keeping this up and trying to write almost every Monday 😀 I should get a cookie or something. Seriously, I will take cookies for more writing–on the blog, in my WIPs, on other blogs… Just give me those cookies, and we’re golden. Just kidding, getting cookie bribes is complicated due to my Paleo lifestyle. But you can always send over coffee!

Anyway, back to my progress! Since we’ve last chatted about this, I have been busy. I’ve completed a 15,000 word short story called A Touch of Paradise. If you want to guess who it features, just think of how similar it sounds to A Touch of Glamour from Encore! Yup, Tudor is back, and so is Radu in all his annoying, non-PC, highly offensive glory.

Next up? Well, I’ve been super busy with the Br0th3rly release! And it’s been a wonderful release, with this geeky gay romance novella of mine hitting the All Romance bestseller list before release (while the pre-order was up). It’s done okay on the Amazon sites as well, and so far it’s been my most successful release. Just go on and check the reviews anywhere, you’ll see people are loving it! This review is my favorite so far.

Next up? The third book in the Bad Blood vampire series. I am spending every writing and editing minute I have on getting The Fall of Darkness ready for release. I can still share that it will be released in February (so just a month or so left). As for the exact February date, I couldn’t tell you to save my life. The month won’t change though, no matter what.

If all goes according to plan, in two weeks from now I will be announcing the completion of the final draft 😀 Wish me luck! I’ll need it. And so will Alexa. Uh, oh, I have the final blurb for The Fall of Darkness! I knew there was something important I’d forgotten 😀

The Fall of Darkness – Bad Blood, Book Three

Just when Alexa begins to get the hang of being the strongest vampire of both Earth and Ankhsis, her world is turned on its axis and becomes hell once more.

Lovers lost, friends murdered, and a new threat… one that is equal in power but larger in numbers turn Alexa into the only chance for survival and freedom trueborns and baseborns have.

Desperately searching for allies to rally behind her, Alexa will need to draw on her inner reserves of strength if she is to take on the crazed trueborn with dreams of ruling and her super-vampire forces.

All on her own.

Will the unstable alliance supporting her endure the death and destruction to come? Will loss and the sense of abandonment lead to Alexa’s defeat and result in a shattering shift in vampire society? Or will Alexa come out the victor?


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