Monday Progress Report: New Books, Old Books, and Taking My Own Advice

Hello everyone and Happy Monday. Welcome to a new edition of my Monday Progress Reports! This is supposed to be a weekly feature, but I’m still working on posting my progress more often.

What I’ve Been Writing

Last week was a crazy busy one. I am furiously drafting Dusk to Dawn, the second book in Lover’s Journey. The first contemporary gay romance, Dawn to Dusk, kicked off this series about ten months ago, and I’m doing my best to release the second book in late May. Fingers crossed I pull through.

I managed quite a bit of writing last week, keeping up with my write every day challenge. I need to thank author Aimee Brissay for joining me for writing sessions almost every day. It’s a nice way to keep myself in check, accountable, and motivated when we’re pushing and cheering each other on.

Writing Dusk to Dawn is much like it was with it’s predecessor. I tap into memories and experience for my own time in school and university, exploring Ploiesti and Bucharest and the popular vacation spots in Romania. I think I might take some pictures for you and show you my old schools, things that inspired me to write this story and pepper it with real life details.

Although the names of the characters and some details about them are based on people I used to know, they strayed very far from their inspiration. Still, it was an interesting experience, making it both easier and harder to write this book. I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

Other Book Related Tasks

I’ve gone through edits for my gay dystopian science fiction, Angel’s Feather, last week. L.E. Fitzpatrick was amazing, as always, but I regret not managing to outdo myself. See, she keeps a list of the funniest typos she’s found, and I always try to outplay myself. Well, I don’t try, but I definitely succeed. Not this time and that saddens me.

Like me, she’s noticed this is not my usual writing style in terms of story atmosphere. I warn you it’s darker than usual. No cliffies though. This is a series, the action and plot will seep into the second book, but I tried to make sure you know where everyone stands in terms of health by the end of the book. I make no other promises of satisfying resolutions, sorry!

I’ve also been reading through Sky and Storm, which is an alternate universe/medieval feel gay romance. Warriors and castles and that sort of thing. Plus bloodshed, because… why not? I’ve enlisted some beta readers, and once that process is done, the book will be submitted to a publisher. I’ve gone through two thirds last week and plan on finishing this week.

I’ve also been working on the Angel’s Feather tour, drooled all over my cover, and tried to find and fill every marketing opportunity I could think of. Look out for the big cover reveal on April 13th!

What I Have Planned for This Week

I’m trying to complete the Dusk to Dawn draft this week. It’s not an out there goal, seeing how I’m just shy of 40,000 words and I feel like this will be a 50k book, much like the first one in the series. So wish me luck and send coffee for fuel!

I will also be sending out review copies of Angel’s Feather, hosting the cover reveal, and reading through Sky and Storm. There’s also quite a bit of work for paperbacks. I need to create new ones for my re-releases and for what I’ve released in the past couple of months. That should be really fun!

Breaks & Taking My Own Advice

Last week I published a lengthy articles on the importance of breaks. and why a writer work-life balance is important to keep us from going insane. I’ve tried hard to take my own advice and give myself permission to stop and relax. I’ve been… slightly better last week, and I plan on working on it as much as I can from now on.

I know I need to take breaks. I know they help prevent slumps and burnouts. But the more I have to do, the harder it is not to feel guilty over it. Still, I do it. And more than simply stopping, I try to enjoy every moment of free time I can squeeze out of my day.

What are you up to this week? Did you meet last week’s goal? Are you looking forward to getting any of my books? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat!

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