Monday Progress Report – Upcoming Releases, Furious Writing, and More

Well, hello there! Once again, it’s been a while! I have reasons and explanations, but I know you don’t care. I haven’t been posting what and when I should have, and… I am going to bribe you into forgiving me with news, updates, and a little bit of info about what I’ve been up to!

Books and Writing – What has been happening?

If you didn’t see this elsewhere, my main goal for the year was to write every day. So far, so good. Which meant I completed a few projects. And that I’m on track with others. Crazy, right?

Other than re-releasing a few stories in early January, I’ve had a Valentine’s Day release – A Touch of Gay – and two March releases. Well, almost two, you have to wait a few more days for the second one. March brought to you the individual release of an older story – Mission: Protect the Ex. This military gay romance is available on Amazon (for now, might move it elsewhere as well). And while that’s nice and published, Touches is backing in the oven. The official release date is March 30, but you can pre-order it right now.  Touches is a short story collection of four contemporary romance tales featuring Romanian character (for the most part). Some of them you might have read already, but I love them all and I hope you enjoy them.

What else I’ve been working on? Well, writing every day means I have more projects completed or that I am currently writing (furiously, with lots of coffee to fuel me). I’ve completed Angel’s Feather, a science fiction story, a bit on the dark side, that I’ve been plotting and writing for over two years now. With that done, and delivered to my editor (for a late April release), I am now pouring all my creative juices and effort into Dusk to Dawn, the second book in the Lover’s Journey series, and sort of but not entirely sequel to Dawn to Dusk.
Touches by Alina Popescu Mission: Protect the Ex Alina Popescu A Touch of Gay by Alina Popescu

This Blog, Other Work, Travel Writing

As you know, writing books is not all I do, I run other blogs, like EyesOnBooks, and write non-fiction stuff to pay most of the bills :D. While those other aspects of my career have kept me busy, I haven’t been falling behind in my author duties and tasks.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately considering what I should do next, how to improve this blog, how to help my author friends and my reader friends more, how to reach more people in general, and produce better content all around – fiction and non-fiction.

The writing challenge and a consistent, clear schedule for which WIP gets attention when has helped with my drafting results. The time I took to think strategies over has helped me see things clearer in what the after-writing part of being an author is concerned.

I plan to write more on the blog, cover varied topics, bringing in new stuff, while keeping those that worked well in the past. I fully intend to keep talking about tools I use, research avenues, and how I am coping with the crazy schedule I put myself on. I will also focus on my Free Fiction Friday series, while bringing back the Sunday Reading Bite posts.

Hopefully, I don’t get sidetracked. And yes, there are more projects and surprises to come, so stay tuned!

What’s the Plan for This Week?

First and foremost, writing! I have to keep writing every day and manage not to fall behind too much if I want Dusk to Dawn to be launched in late May. I have to have at least 50% of this book drafted, so that’s about 25000 words minimum. So far, I’m managing, just barely. Fingers crossed!

The other important bit is the Touches tour that’s kicking off at the end of the week. I have to fine tune that and make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. Given how air-headed I’ve been lately, I need tons of luck to make that happen.

Lastly, there might be some Angel’s Feather editing in my near future… Unless my editor decides it’s crap and comes over here to kill me. That might slow things down a bit!

So that what I’ve been up to and what my week looks like. What about you? What are your plans for the week? Let me know in the comments!

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