Monday Progress Report: Slumps, New Schedules, and Magic Unleashed is Back

The Monday Progress Report posts have been MIA for quite a while. I’m sure you’ve noticed. If not… well, I’m to blame because I post them so infrequently. The last one happened in January. What I’ve been up to since?

Well, first there was the Br0th3rly launch (and lucky me, it got on the ARe bestseller list, which was amazing). Then there were anthologies to write for (Mix ‘N’ Match and Collars ‘N’ Cuffs) and Dawn to Dusk to draft an publish. Oh, and there was this Euro Pride Con event, plus some more traveling with the boyfriend. Yeah, I now have done it! Mentioned a significant other in my acknowledgements… Just check Dawn to Dusk if you don’t believe me!

As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot. And maybe that’s why there were no progress reports published. Or maybe it was the writing slump I was in this year. Sure, I wrote stuff and published them. A few shorts, some more Bad Blood editing and drafting, Dawn to Dusk… But it was so infrequent, I couldn’t really pull off these reports. There were weeks with no writing. I blamed it on work and generally being busy. But I just couldn’t really write.

Why? That’s still a mystery. Ideas bug me, and once I sit down to write, I am not blocked at all. I just write. But convincing myself I need that time to write, that has been the problem. So what did I do?

New Schedule! And another new schedule… And another…

It did work to complete Dawn to Dusk. And over the past couple of weeks, it worked to get me to write every week. Am I back to writing daily? No. Am I back to my word count quotas per writing session, no?

What helped me get back to writing more consistently?

  • reading reviews – yup, when I read a nice review, I want to write
  • watching the boyfriend work on his video game story – he’s so dedicated, I just want to work harder on telling my stories
  • planning what needs to be written next. Changing it around. Planning some more.
  • Trying new schedules until I get something that works for me.
  • Not guilt tripping myself – this was a really important one
  • Not adding a word count when adding “Write” to my to-do list. I put this in bold for a reason. And that reason is the fact that it’s worked wonders. Better than anything else I’ve tried.
  • Giving myself a break when I need one.
  • Traveling – even if that only inspired some horror/ghost stories, and I don’t read or write them. There’s always a first time, I guess
  • The usual suspects: reading, listening to music, journaling, manga and anime, movies, TV series, YouTube videos, conversations on really heavy topics.

What I’ve accomplished

While I tweaked my schedules – both the work and publishing ones – and tried out some new ideas, I managed to get to writing a few times a week. I am still working on writing every day, but it’s not as dire anymore. I managed to edit about 24000 words of Sky and Storm (which had been drafted ages ago). I also added a few thousand words to the story. I plan to finish it by the end of the month or by early September. Not pressuring myself like a mad woman anymore, promise!

The other big win? My Free Fiction Friday serial, Magic Unleashed is back! And you can check the new installment on the blog. Right now. Seriously, do it now!

What I’m working on

I am working on Sky and Storm, like I said. And a bit on my collaboration with Aimee Brissay (it’s a fantasy story and there’s a kelpie…). I am also working on a ghost story. But not a scary one. It deals with addiction after death. I will tell you more about it when the time comes 😀

Well, that’s it from me. Wish me luck and I hope to see you again next Monday!.

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