Monday Progress Report: Where 2015 Left Me and 2016 Projects

Writing wise, 2015 was a big year for me. I published a lot more than in 2014 (one novel and one short story in my debut year), attended book events, started new projects, expanded EyesOnBooks, worked on my copywriting tasks, and put in a lot of work in improving myself (getting in shape, healing, growing, that sort of thing). Now that the new year has started, I feel I should evaluate what I’ve accomplished as part of this progress report.

Published books:

So, six titles, of which two novels and a novella, pretty much three times better than 2014

What I plan for this year? Easy: a new story published every month. So far, I only have the first three months figured out 😀

  • January – Br0th3rly, book one in the Famous on the Internet series, published by WIP
  • February – The Fall of Darkenss – book three of the Bad Blood trilogy. Yes, saying goodbye to my vampires this year
  • March – A Touch of Paradise, which will be part of another WIP anthology. Can you guess, just by the title, who it will feature? 😀

I have a lot more planned, both with WIP and independently. There might even be more than just one male-female story per year 😀

How much did I write in 2015? About 120,000 words. So… two full novels. Not impressive. Not unimpressive, considering the traveling, promo, and editing work I’ve done for my releases.

Am I happy with that? It’s irrelevant, I am accepting it.

What are my writing plans for 2016? I want to write a lot more. I have once again planned an insane number of words. Maybe I’ll manage it. I know it will be at least twice more than last year, just to keep up with pending projects. I aim to achieve something like 50,000 words a month. 

Beyond plans and schedules, I have learned something very important in 2015. And I want to share it with you:

  • Writing takes time, even when you are fast at writing 😀 I can draft a novel in a couple of months, but that does not always happen. I can whip up 10k in a day, and then not write for a week. Things happen, life has different plans than your own, so statistics of words per hour or stories per month are just a rough guideline.
  • I have to forgive myself for not putting all the stories in my head on paper.
  • I have to write for those who love my writing and my stories and ignore those who hate them
  • I have to be nicer to myself and understand I have limits
  • There will never be a harsher critic than myself

I have made incredible friends in 2015, so I will travel again in 2016. I am going to be at the Euro Pride Con in Berlin, and probably will attend the UK Meet again. I say probably just in case something dramatic happens… I already have the plane tickets for Berlin, so… I will get there somehow.

I would like to thank everyone–readers, friends, family, writers, acquaintances, my dog, other cute animals online–for this absolutely amazing year. It’s been a wild, sometimes rocky ride, but overall, 2015 has been a great year for me. Sure, I lost some friends, I worked really hard, pushed myself and asked too much of myself, but everything else trumps that. The new books, the new friends, the rewards of working hard, the amazing times I had at home and while traveling, the fun I had… Plus I’ve been mostly healthy, the dog makes everything cuter, so not much to complain.

In all honesty, it’s been quite some time since I felt this good at the end of a year. At the end of 2014 I was focused on what happened next, and the years before that… well, not the best. This time though? I had things to celebrate at the end of 2015 and so much more to look forward to in 2016.

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