Name’s Day Price Slash for The Edge of Hope

What’s in a name? Well, a reason to celebrate, of course! We, Romanians, have something that’s called a name’s day. Pretty much everyone has at lease one name that is of a saint in our Christian calendar. When said saint is celebrated, it’s also you’re name’s day. Not as big as a birthday, but still good enough reason to have fun, get some presents, drink yourself silly, that sort of thing.

My middle name is Elena. Saint and an Empress, go figure! This would be her, Elena/Helena. Elena and her son, Constantine, are celebrated tomorrow. You know how I like to share the joy, so I am celebrating my name’s day with a 24 hour sale for The Edge of Hope. You’ll be able to get it for 99 cents all day tomorrow. This promotion is available on and all other regional sites. So make sure you get your copy!

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